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Top 30 Hometown: Dearborn, Glen Mills and Orlando
In today's Hometown Stories we meet... • From FOX 2 Detroit​, the only woman on her collegiate wrestling team, who isn't allowed to compete unless other women are around. • From FOX 29​, a family who has raised $17,000 for the hospital that helped to
Ford's Safe Trucker Hat To Save Lives
After a number of truck crashes in Brazil, Ford is hoping to save lives with their new Safe Cap, a trucker hat that helps protect drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.
Families Reunited 39 Years After Hospital Mix-up
In this inspiring story that spans the globe, two women were reunited with their biological families, 39 years after being switched at birth in a Moldova hospital.
Vehicular Terrorism: Why it's Happening and How to Stop it
Barcelona. Nice. London, three times. Now, New York City. Terrorist attacks using everyday vehicles are on the rise, and law enforcement is struggling to figure out a way to stop it.
This Car Won't Dent
It uses next-gen rubber to absorb impact, it made waves at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it might be the first car to be dent-proof. Take your first look at the Flesby II, Toyoda Gosie's new concept car that they hope will be on the road by 2030.
Royal Watch: Prince Charles Travels in the T.A.R.D.I.S.
The Sun's Arthur Edwards is in Malaysia this week as he chats with Richard about Prince Harry's meeting with Michelle Obama, the latest Kate Middleton news and Prince Charles' adventures in the TARDIS... it's all in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.
The Mysteries of the Pyramids Grow Larger
4,500 years after it was constructed, researchers have discovered a 100 foot chamber inside the Great Pyramid. But what was it used for?
Facebook, Twitter and Google Head to Capitol Hill
#ICYMI: Representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter took to Capitol Hill this week to answer questions on Russian election interference, their site's security and even potential cyber warfare. It didn't go well.
Top 30 Hometown: New York, Covington, Dallas
In today's Hometown Stories we meet... • From Fox 5 NY, 11-year-old Jamoni Merritt, who has been named an honorary firefighter after having 85% of her face burned • From Covington, GA, volunteers from Habitat for Humanity, who are sending repair kits
Terror in New York City: What We Now Know
Using a rented truck and a paintball gun, a 29-year-old is suspected of carrying out the worst terror attack in New York since Sept. 11, 2001. Stay with Top 30​ for more updates as this story develops.
Sharks vs. Drones
It's safe to go back in the water! Developed by the US Military to spot enemy submarines, Australia has started using drones with specialized cameras to point out lurking sharks.
Questions Mount After Rescue at Sea
Why didn't they use the emergency beacon? Where was the storm they claim to have been stuck in? Days after a rescue by the Navy, questions are swirling about two women adrift for five months at sea.
Who is George Papadopoulos?: The Mueller Investigation
With most of the focus of Monday's Special Counsel indictments on #PaulManafort and #RickGates, today Top 30​ turns to George #Papadopoulos, a volunteer policy advisor on the Donald J. Trump​ campaign who has been cooperating with the #Mueller investigati
Enjoy Your Croissants While You Can
Ready for something truly scary during this Halloween season? Butter makes up some 25% of croissants, so a butter shortage in France may mean the end of one of your favorite breakfast treats.
Mueller Monday Claims Manafort and Gates
When news broke on Friday that the first charges in Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation had been filed, speculation ran rampant. 72-hours later we have answers and Paul Manafort and Richard Gates have surrendered to federal agents..