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Explore the most entertaining world news videos on Top30.
Microplastics Invading Your Bottled Water
Next time you take a drink of water, know that there may be something else lurking inside the bottle.
Looking For Alien Life: A Curiosity Report
Instead of asking whether you believe that alien life exists, Cody Gough of Curiosity instead asks whether we're looking in the right place?
Royal Watch: Meghan Markle Breaks the Rules
An official event with the Queen and Christmas at Sandringham are just two of the ways that The Sun's Arthur Edwards says that Meghan Markle is breaking all the rules of a royal-to-be.
A Day without a Cell Phone
Could you go without your smartphone for 24-hours?
Parents Taken to Court Over Daughter's Name
#Outrage: A couple in France is going to court because of the name they gave their daughter. You'll never guess what they called her.
Spring Break to See Record Travel
If you're planning to travel somewhere on Spring Break this year, get ready for some delays!
The Happiest Countries in the World
America may have fallen to 18th on the list of happiest countries, but would you honestly rather live in one of the countries that actually topped the list?
Virtual Assistant Goes to Space Station
The International Space Station is getting a virtual assistant that can mimic human emotion...have Moon, 2001 and other science fiction films have taught us nothing?
House Completes Russia Collusion Investigation
Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have concluded their investigation into Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 election. What did they find and what does it all mean? Top 30 will tell you.
Dementia Patients Have a Place to Call Home
A one-of-a-kind community is opening in Canada that aims to give dementia patients a dignified sense of independence. Take your first look inside The Village Langley.
Royal Watch: This Week in Meghan Markle
A meeting with a young aspiring actress at an International Women's Day Event? A secret baptism? The Sun's Arthur Edwards updates us on former Suits actress, and royal-to-be, Meghan Markle in this Top 30 Royal Watch.
Closing the Gender Pay Gap
Can transparency be the key to closing the gender pay gap? Ontario, Canada seems to think so.
Doctors Step up For Nurses
Some 250 doctors in Quebec have turned down raises, we'll tell you why.
Traveling to Olympic Host Cities
The Winter Olympics in South Korea are over, now it's time to pack your backs and travel to Pyeongchang.
Royal Watch: The New Fab Four
Harry, Kate, Wills and Meghan make a group appearance, the Spice Girls may have a royal invitation, and the Queen goes to war with some squirrels. The Sun's Arthur Edwards give you what you really, really want in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.