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Explore the most entertaining world news videos on Top30.
Olympic Athletes Compete While Tired
Some Olympic athletes are intentionally competing while jet-lagged... we'll tell you why they think this will help them win Gold for Team USA.
Heart-Wrenching Puppy Rescue
Get ready, because this video of three adorable puppies being found trapped in a pool of tar will make you experience every possible emotion in less than 90-seconds.
Titanic II to Set Sail
The last time the Titanic set sail, things didn't go well. The hope is things will work out differently when Titanic II sets sail later this year. Will you be buying a ticket?
Winter Olympics Facing Challenges
First there was North Korea, now South Korea is facing two fresh threats in the hours leading up to the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Second Government Shutdown Looms
Will the government be funded past Feb 8? Will Congress reach a deal on DACA? Top 30 breaks everything down as we head towards a potential 2nd shutdown of 2018.
The Price of Prescriptions
While debate rages in America over the proper way to run healthcare, Ontario has filled almost 1 million FREE prescriptions since January 1.
Royal Watch: Who Needs a Monarchy, Anyway?
Arthur Edwards is speaking from Norway, as he and Richard discuss whether or not the United Kingdom even needs a Royal Family anymore. What's your take?
Scientists Growing Ears for Kids
Scientists in China are helping grow the ears of children who were otherwise born with the organ underdeveloped. You don't want to miss this incredible breakthrough.
The Future of Manufacturing: WSJ Moving Upstream
In this week's The Wall Street Journal‚Äč Moving Upstream, Jason Bellini‚Äč travels to Asia to examine a second machine revolution in which robots are making other robots and affecting low-skilled jobs.
Canada Shows up in Australia
A giant piece of Canada was once thought missing, it's now been found in Australia. Top 30 will show you how this story makes any sense.
Cruise Ships Earn Failing Grades
If you're planning on going on a cruise anytime soon, be warned, more ships failed health inspections in 2017 than in any other year over the last decade.
The World's Best Countries
For the second year in a row, the United States fell further down the list of the World's Best Countries. But who came out as #1?
No Smoking Inside
As marijuana becomes legalized in Canada, many landlords are trying to force tenants to take it outside.
Waging War on ISIS: The NatGeo Minute
This week's NatGeo Minute embeds viewers with the U.S. military as they pursue the enemy and wage war on ISIS. "Chain of Command" ais Mondays at 9/8c on National Geographic.
Mueller Investigation Heads into Next Phase
Several key political figures have been questioned as part of the probe into Russian collusion, will President Trump be next to face Mueller?