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Explore the most entertaining world news videos on Top30.
Refugees Serve Up Authentic Cuisine
A New York catering company wanted authentic dishes from around the world, so they went to the source, hiring only refugees.
Raw Water Controversy
Emerging untreated from natural springs, a debate is raging over whether Raw Water is healthier for drinkers or if it opens them up to more of a risk. Top 30 breaks down the latest so-called health craze.
Fallout After Hawaiian Nuclear Scare
For 38 minute on Saturday, a false alarm sent Hawaii into pandemonium. Now, threatened Hawaiians have turned their gaze on the HEMA employees who sent the false alarm.
Royal Watch: Off to School
Harry and Meghan make their first public appearance of 2018, Princess Charlotte starts school, and Arthur Edwards reveals his least favorite royal in thsis week's Top 30 Royal Watch!
The Tonya Harding of Kayaking
It's Tonya Harding - Nancy Kerrigan all over again... a Japanese kayaker has just been suspended after spiking the drink of a fellow rower trying to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games.
Russian Birth Tourism on the Rise
Pregnant Russian women are flocking to Miami to give birth to American-born babies.
The Battle to Crush ISIS: The NatGeo Minute
In this week's NatGeo Minute, take a never-before-seen look inside an F-22 as it carries out a mission to destroy ISIS. "Chain of Command" ais Monday, January 15 at 9/8c on National Geographic.
Travel Warnings Issued for Mexico
For all those going to, or thinking about going south of the border, The State Department has issued its highest "Do Not Travel" warning for five Mexican states.
Spend a Night at the Game of Thrones Hotel
Forget a Song of Ice and Fire, this Game of Thrones​-themed hotel in Finland​ is a song of Ice, Ice and more Ice.... so leave your dragons at home.
What's Next for DACA?
A judge blocks Trump's rollback of DACA as a bipartisan negotiation on immigration reform unfolds LIVE on TV.
260,000 El Salvadoran Immigrants Must Leave U.S.
The Trump Administration has announced an end to the "temporary protected status" of some 260,000 El Salvadoran migrants currently in the United States. Do you support the decision?
Edward Snowden Launches Smartphone App
Whistleblower. Fugitive. Hero. Traitor. Edward Snowden has been called a lot of things, but now he can add the title “app developer” to that list.
What if Everyone Went Vegan?
Want to end climate change? Maybe you should go vegan!
Amazing Elephant Rescue: Top 30 Animals
The only thing more amazing than this elephant rescue, is the mother elephant's response to the rescuers.
The Most Expensive Wine Club in the World
For the wine lover or the sommelier in your life, how about a membership to the most expensive wine club in the world?