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Explore the most entertaining world news videos on Top30.
Earth 2.0 Discovered?
Welcome to Ross 128 b., it's a newly discovered planet with similar conditions to Earth, and if scientists can figure out a way to transport people the 11 light years, it could soon support human life.
Royal Watch: Prince Harry's Beard
The Sun's Arthur Edwards chats with Richard about Prince William's struggle with fatherhood and Prince Harry's controversial beard.... it's all in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.
Airlines Keep Losing Your Luggage
It's always been true that airlines lose luggage, only now, because of the electronic loophole, they may not be reporting it.
Floating: Startup Nation Setting Sail by 2020?
In an effort to create a startup country free from politicians, the world's first floating nation could pop-up off the coast of Tahiti by the year 2020. Would you be interested in calling the "floating island project" your home?
Sinking: Maryland Island Could be Underwater by 2100
As sea-levels rise, Deal Island and its 471 residents are at risk of extinction by the end of the century.
Quick Hits: UCLA BBall, Pope's Lambo and Drake
Three UCLA basketball players arrested in China for shoplifting have been indefinitely suspended from the team, Pope Francis gets a special-edition white Lamborghini, and Drake calls out a handsy fan... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Running Towards the Danger of War: The NatGeo Minute
"There are folks that run away from the sound of battle, and there are folks that run towards the noise of the guns." In this week's NatGeo minute, meet the survivors of 2004's "Black Sunday" ambush in Baghdad who now serve as technical supervisors on the
iPhone X Face ID Hacked?
It's been less than two weeks since the iPhone X was released, and a team from Vietnam say that using tape, a 3-D printer and a fake nose, they have been able to defeat the phone's Face ID.
DACA Applications Lost in the Mail
Dozens of immigrants applying for deferred deportation have been denied because their paperwork arrived late... but is the post office to blame?
Top 30 Hometown: Austin, Tampa Bay and Charlotte
In today's Hometown Stories we meet... • From #Fox7, children up for adoption in Austin, where it was "There's No Place Like Home Day," yellow-brick road and all. • From #Fox13, Trucker Julio De La Rosa, who used his vacation days to deliver supplies
Quick Hits: UCLA, Mandalay Bay and Go Pros
#LiAngeloBall and two other #UCLA basketball players return home after a week under house arrest in China, #MandalayBay has to let employees go after decreased attendance, and the floor really is lava for this #GoPro engulfed in flames... these are your T
Quick Hits: Earthquake, Bob Dylan and a Dog's Goodbye
A 7.3 earthquake strikes the border between #Iraq and #Iran, a guitar once owned by #BobDylan sells for nearly $400K at auction, and nurses sneak a dog into the hospital for an emotion goodbye with its owner... these are your Top 30‚Äč Quick Hits.
Royal Watch: Prince Charles and the Orangutan
The Sun's Arthur Edwards is back in London as he chats with Richard about Prince Charles Rain Forest run-in with an orangutan and Kate Middleton's call to protect the mental health of students.... it's all in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.
TSA Fails to Find Weapons
Want to hear something terrifying? An undercover operation by Homeland Security has revealed that the TSA failed to identify more than 70% of fake guns, knives and explosives that their agents snuck into airports.... so, happy travels.
Top 30 Celebrates Heroes: A Soldier and his Dog
Top 30 Celebrates #VeteransDay: There is no greater bond than the one between a man and his dog, and that bond is only strengthened when the two have been through war together.