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Explore the most entertaining world news videos on Top30.
Top 30: Royal Watch (September 22, 2017)
#Top30: Looking for your fix of The Royal Family​ as you make your way through the weekend, here's the latest from Buckingham Palace​ from The Sun​'s Arthur Edwards.
Top 30: Who Wore it Best?
#Top30: At a wedding in Australia, not two, not three, but SIX!! women showed up wearing the same dress... and no, they weren't the bridesmaids.
Top 30: Monkeys Go Hunting
#Top30: A species of monkey off the coast of Thailand​ is using tools to hunt for shellfish, a phenomenon that is pushing the shellfish to the brink of extinction.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 21, 2017)
A young girl is hospitalized after being hit by a foul ball, Lawrence O'Donnell apologizes after a behind-the-scenes rant surfaces online, and a European vacation goes viral following a very unique travel video, all in today's #Top30 trending roundup.
Top 30: Future of the Iran Nuclear Deal
#Top30: President Trump has called the Iran Nuclear Deal "one of the worst transactions" in history. He's now made a decision the deal's future, but he's not telling anyone just yet.
Top 30: Countdown to Doomsday
#Top30: Is it the end of days? Christian numerologists have predicted that Saturday, September 23, is doomsday. How are you preparing?
Top 30: South Korea's Olympic Problem
#Top30: If dealing with North Korea wasn't challenge enough, now South Korea must face the fact that with only 5 months until the opening ceremony, they have only sold 20% of tickets to next year's Winter Olympic Games.
Top 30: Devastation in Mexico
#Top30: More than 200 are dead following Tuesday's devastating earthquake in Mexico. Top30TV has the latest on the destruction and the on-going resuce efforts.
Top 30: Trump Takes on North Korea at UN
#Top30: In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump labeled Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" and said that he was on a suicide mission for himself and his regime.
Top 30: Team Prepares for a Trip to Mars
#Top30: A NASA-backed team of researchers have just completed a simulation to see what conditions would best suit astronauts on a long-term space mission to Mars.
Top 30: Google Ads Traffic in Hate Speech
#Top30: As websites crack down on hate speech and fake news, a new report shows Google allowed advertisers to create ads that targeted audiences who use that very same hateful rhetoric.
Top 30: The Cost of Education in the US
#Top30: Analysis of 35 countries with both public and private universities has shown the United States to have the costliest colleges in the world. Is it time for something to change?
Top 30: London Terror Attack
#Top30: More than 22 were left injured when a bomb went off at the London's Parsons Green Subway station during the morning commute.
Top 30: Cuban Diplomat Mystery Deepens
#Top30: The mystery surrounding the health of some 20 US diplomats in Cuba continues to deepen - with more questions emerging about the possible "health attack."
Top 30: Shoving Jogger on the Run
#Top30: Police have released new information about a London jogger who pushed a woman in front of a bus because she was in his way.