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There Were Secret Changes To Princess Diana's Will
According to the website ‘Cheat Sheet,’ Princess Diana’s will was changed against her wishes following her death in 1997. The executors of the will were her own mother and sister, but they have never spoken about why these changes were made.
Everybody Is Calling This Mexico Plane Crash A Miracle
A plane carrying 103 people crashed in Mexico and everyone survived. Officials say about 49 were hospitalized, including some Americans.
Popstar! Magazine Takes Us On A Dubai City Tour
Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the man-made sites that have put Dubai on the map include the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, massive shopping malls and even an indoor snow park! Despite its grow
Kylian Mbappe's Latest Move Proves He Has A Good Heart
Kylian Mbappe, The 19-year-old Star Who Led France To Its Victory, Just Earned More Than Half A Million Dollars For Playing In The World Cup, Plus A 350-thousand Dollar Bonus. This Young Soccer Player Says He’ll Be Donating It To Charity! It’s For A Group
Airplanes Are Getting More Uncomfortable
Airlines are continuing to squeeze seats together as tightly as they wish. How is this allowed? Kristin Smith explains it all.
The Most Beautiful Parts Of Bavaria, Germany
Elizabeth Stanton from Popstar! Magazine shows us what makes southern Germany the perfect vacation destination!
Can't Afford a Vacation? Take out a Loan
People take out loans all the time for homes, cars, and school... but a new reason for taking out credit is raising eyebrows.
To Travel or Not To Travel This Summer
The good news: about half of Americans will go on vacation this summer. The bad news: about half of Americans won't!
Dream Hotels for Movie Buffs
Rather than re-watch your favorite movie, spend a night inside of it! Top 30 takes you on a tour of some of the most incredible movie-themed hotels around the world.
Marijuana vs. Alcohol: The Battle Rages on
With cannabis becoming legal in Canada, one industry is in some serious need of mellowing out.
Anywhere But Here: Dreaming of a Vacation
If you spend a lot of time day-dreaming that you're on vacation, you're definitely not alone.
Restoration of 500-year-old Statue a Disaster
Why hire a professional artist to restore a 16th century sculpture, when you could just grab the nearest arts and crafts instructor?
Royal Watch: Official Visits
Prince William makes history with his royal visit, and the Queen gets ready to receive a guest. Arthur Edwards has more in this Top 30 Royal Watch!
Airport to Scan Passengers' Faces
Smile, the Department of Homeland Security wants your picture.
Burger King's Indecent World Cup Proposal
Whatever you'd do for a lifetime supply of hamburgers is nothing compared to what Burger King had in mind.