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Explore the most entertaining stories from the heart videos on Top30.
Parents Raise More Than $1 Million to Save Sons
When both of their sons were diagnosed with a disease that meant they might not make it to the age of 10, two parents turned to the Internet for help.
The Enduring Legacy of Pride Month
As June comes to an end, Coco Dominguez of Fox 26 Houston reports on the rainbows, good vibes and love that define Pride month.
Are Single People Happier?
Is it more fulfilling to be single or in a relationship? Danielle Knox has this story and others you need to know.
Chubbs the Cat Finds a Home
Chubbs the Cat, the 29-pound Internet sensation, has found a home.... but the journey was not an easy one.
D.C.'s First Lobbyist with Down Syndrome
At just 30 years old, Kayla McKeon has already had legislation signed into law, and she's doing it as the first D.C. lobbyist with down syndrome.
Man Learns to do Wife's Makeup
When Mona started losing her eye-sight and could no longer do her own makeup, her husband Des learned to be her eyes.
Dad Tattoos Kids' Drawings
Why put your kids' drawings on the fridge, when you can tattoo them instead?
Pride Comes to Canada
Thanks to one socially active 16-year-old, Pride has found its way to the tiny Canadian town of Owen Sound.
Long Lost Sister Found Next Door
Hillary Harris spent years looking for her long-lost half-sister.... she should have started her search next door.
Clarinet Player's Future Sabotaged by Girlfriend
What would you do to keep the one you loved? This story of a clarinet player, his college girlfriend and sabotage will leave you speechless.
Hyper-Masculinity and Fatherhood
Does buying into the idea of hyper-masculinity make someone a bad dad?
First Ladies Speak Out On Family Separation
As the debate rages over family separations at the southern border, America's five living First Ladies are speaking up.
The QB and the Supermodel
9 years, 2 kids and 2 Super Bowl Championships later, we finally know how Tom Brady popped the question to Gisele.
The Worst Pick-up Lines
"Are you tired, because you've been running through my mind all day." What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?
The Tooth Fairy Pays Up: A Curiosity Report
How much is the tooth fairy paying up these day? Cody Gough of the Curiosity podcast reveals that it's probably more than you found underneath your pillow.