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Explore the most entertaining stories from the heart videos on Top30.
The Perfect Father's Day Gifts with Save me Steve
For anyone who thinks it's hard to shop for your dad this Father's Day, Steve Noviello is here with some incredible, and easy, ideas any dad would love.
Students Give Beloved Lunch Lady the Surprise of Her Life
For 26 years, Debra Davis has been everybody's favorite lunch lady... now her students are serving her a life-changing surprise that you don't want to miss!
The Marriage Effect: How You Change After Tying the Knot
Everybody changes when they get married, but are those changes for the better or for the worse?
Dating Tips for Those Summer Nights
As the nights get hotter this summer, Page Fehling of Fox 46 Charlotte has some tips to make sure that your love life does too.
A Nanny-Cam for the Elderly
In an effort to crack down on elderly abuse by caregivers, has one state state stepped all over privacy instead?
The Cost of Father's Day
As Father's Day approahces, Americans are proving they love their dads... although, maybe not as much as last year.
Service Dog Honored in School Yearbook
One elementary school got so attached to one student's service dog, that they took some extraordinary lengths to honor her.
Dad Goes Viral After Diaper Changing Post
Should there be baby changing stations in men's bathrooms? One dad is taking a stand.
Little White Lies
We all trusted mom when she said she had eyes in the back of her head, but you'll never believe the other ways that moms have bent the truth.
6-Year-Old Saves 1,000 Dogs
In just two years, 6-year-old Roman McConn and his non-profit Project Freedom Ride have saved more than 1,000 dogs from kill shelters. Top 30 has his inspirational story.
The Divorce Test
For some couples looking to get a divorce, you may need to pass, or fail, a test first.
To Tell the Truth: Keeping it Honeset on Dating Apps
Do you tell the truth on dating apps? You'll be surprised how people many don't. If you need help finding your soulmate, SoCal residents can apply to be on Fox's new dating show "The Swipe is Right": http://theswipeisright.com/
Sneakers for Soldiers
A military family is bringing an entirely new meaning to the phrase "boots on the ground." Mike Jerrick of Fox 29 has more on Sneakers for Soldiers.
Parents Face Jail Time For Trying to Cure Son
What would you do to protect your child? One Georgia couple answered that question and is now facing jail time.
From Homeless to Harvard
As a homeless youth, Richard Jenkins wanted to make his life better, now he's earned a full-ride to Harvard.