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Explore the most entertaining stories from the heart videos on Top30.
What to Give up for Lent
Lent begins on February 14, Top 30 has a list of the most popular foods and habits people are giving up.
New Gerber Baby Selected
Meet Lucas Warren, the smiling new toddler is the first ever Gerber Baby with Down Syndrome.
Debt a Relationship Dealbreaker
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, it's a time to celebrate relationships, but where does credit card debt rank on your list of biggest dating dealbreakers?
Heart-Wrenching Puppy Rescue
Get ready, because this video of three adorable puppies being found trapped in a pool of tar will make you experience every possible emotion in less than 90-seconds.
Inspiring Amputee Sheds 500 Pounds
Stanley Hollar weighed nearly 700 pounds, but when doctors said he might die, even an amputated leg wouldn't stop him from proving them wrong.
Inventor Dad Makes Life Better for Daughter
Is it too early to hand out the 2018 Dad-of-the-year award? Top 30 talks with Jake Lacourse, an inventive father who wants to make life better for his visually impaired daughter and others like her.
McDonald's Serving Valentine's Dinner
If you're looking for a romantic spot to spend Valentine's Day, McDonald's is taking reservations.
Patriots Star Goes Back to Work
After the Patriot's loss in Super Bowl 52, wide receiver Bernard Reedy will return to making $11/hour as a driver for the terminally ill.
Should Kids Play Football?
Should parents let their kids play football? Kristin and Richard, both parents, discuss.
Man Surprises Girlfriend With Cow Heart
How many cows does it take to properly tell someone you love them? For one South Dakota man, the answer was 250.
Extreme Couple Ties the Knot
If getting married in a church is too traditional for you, maybe you'll be interested in exchanging vows in a net suspended 400-feet above a canyon... parachuting flower girls not included.
A Super Bowl Surprise for an Eagles Super Fan
Mr. Gary is a Philadelphia Eagles super fan who has driven a school bus for 26 years. Watch as Mr. Gary is brought to tears when the kids he drives surprise him with tickets to Sunday's game!
The Oldest Man in Canada
Meet Esmond Allcock, at 108-years-old, he's the oldest man in Canada.
From Friends to Brothers
Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson have been friends for 60 years, but a recent ancestry test found their connection might be much, much deeper.
Baby Rhino Takes First Bath
We'll just leave this video of a baby rhino taking a bath right here... #BabyRhinoDiaries