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Explore the most entertaining stories from the heart videos on Top30.
Emotional Scavenger Hunt Ends in Adoption
It's been 7 years since Jacob Thrasher first met the little girl that would become his step-daughter... that girl is now nine, and she's just sent Jacob on an emotional scavenger hunt you'll never forget.
Mom Teaches Kids a Lesson About Bullying
When one Ontario mom learned that her son had been disrespectful to the school bus driver, she had no choice but to teach her kids a lesson.
Incredible Teen Works to End Homelessness
On any given night, there are more than 554,000 homeless Americans sleeping on the street... now one San Diego teen is doing his part to help bring that number down.
Military Vets and Rescue Pets
Everyday, members of the military put their lives on the line to protect our country, now a non-profit is using comfort dogs (aka. Battle Buddies), to return the favor.
Many Don't Share Salary with Their Spouses
As couples marry, they exchange the vows " to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer".... now, a new study reveals that last question may not be so easy to answer for some couples.
Selfless Waffle House Server Sees Return on Kindness
After selfless server Evoni Williams helped an elderly diner at a Waffle House, karma paid her back in a major way.
A Moo-ving Promposal: A Fox 29 Report
It's not enough to just ask someone to prom anymore, Fox 29's Mike Jerrick reveals an incredible Chick-Fil-A-themed promposals that's just set the bar pretty high for the 2018 prom season.
Divorcing Parents Battle Over Teen's Football Future
Should a 17-year-old prone to concussions be allowed to play his senior year of high school football? That's the question at the center of a contentious custody battle.
Nurse Adopts Abused Twins
Pediatric nurse Jess Hamm was accustomed to treating sick kids, but something abused twins Delilah and Caroline changed her life forever.
Dementia Patients Have a Place to Call Home
A one-of-a-kind community is opening in Canada that aims to give dementia patients a dignified sense of independence. Take your first look inside The Village Langley.
Parents Encourage Kids to Lie About Age
You can admit it, have you ever lied about your age, or your child's, to save money?
Mapping the Cost of Raising a Family
A new study maps out how much it costs for a family to live modestly in some 3,100 U.S. cities. Top 30 has the shocking numbers that may make you pack up and move.
Shining a Light on Bullying
How do you define bullying, and what do you think schools should do to stop it? Two parents in New York have a controversial answer.
Consent in the Era of #MeToo
Can a smartphone app remove the confusion around sex? We'll show you how Legal Fling is trying to revolutionize consent in the era of #MeToo.
Mangagement Ring Trend Takes Off
Mangagement Rings: A sign of gender equality, or something that doesn't deserve an opinion? Top 30 debates the new wedding trend.