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Explore the most entertaining stories from the heart videos on Top30.
Refugees Serve Up Authentic Cuisine
A New York catering company wanted authentic dishes from around the world, so they went to the source, hiring only refugees.
Parents Saying "Yes" to Yes Days
More and more parents are trying their hands at "yes" days, days where kids will never hear "no" as an answer...within reason that is. Good idea or bad parenting?
Teen Wants to Help 1,000 Homeless
When 15-year-old Noah Rupp saw a homeless man out in the cold, he started on a mission to provide 1,000 homeless people with sleeping bags. For more inspirational stories daily, stick with Top30, and if you want to help Noah in his work, visit https://
Sticking to your New Year's Resolutions
How's your New Year's Resolution going? Have you stuck with it, or are you one of the 80% who won't make it to Mid-February? Top 30's here to help you succeed.
600 Men Show up to "Breakfast with Dads"
When Pastor Donald Parish Jr. put out a call for dads and mentors to attend a school breakfast, he hoped to get 50 responses... he received 600!
Hero Firefighter Expands Family
When a firefighter helped with an emergency baby delivery, he probably thought that would be the happy end of the story.... it wasn't.
Young Boy Meets Inspirational Hero Hippo
They beat the odds when the were each born premature, now 4-year-old Calvin and Cincinnati zoo fixture, Fiona the Hippo, have come face-to-face in a meeting that was meant to be.
College Students Learn They're Brothers
Thanks to a DNA test, Kieron Graham learned he had a long-lost brother. That surprise was nothing compared to the shock that that brother was one of Kieron's classmates. Kristin talks with the brothers about their amazing reunion.
Food Banks Look to End Hunger
Food insecurity is not just a problem for the developing world, so Food Banks Canada and others are providing food, as well as education, to put an end to #hunger in Canadian communities.
"Homespun Wigs for Little Cancer Fighters"
Meet Holly Christensen, her organization Magic Yarn Project hand-crafts incredible crocheted wigs for young children battling cancer. For more information on the organization and how to get involved, visit their website: https://themagicyarnproject.com
Is it Too Late Now to Say Sorry?
If you're going to reject someone, maybe don't be so polite about it.
Dealing Hope in a Crisis: A Top 30 Special Report on Opioids
As part of our special report on the #opioid epidemic, Richard speaks with Lisa and Tina of The Hope Dealer Project, a group that brings support, education, and, most importantly, hope to their affected community in West Virginia.
Amazing Elephant Rescue: Top 30 Animals
The only thing more amazing than this elephant rescue, is the mother elephant's response to the rescuers.
Icy Dog Rescue: Top 30 Animals
When a dog fell through the ice, firefighters jumped into action in this incredible rescue video!
Women's Prison Turns Activism Center
Welcome to the Women's Building, a former women's prison that's now being used to foster activism and equality.