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Explore the most entertaining sports videos on Top30.
Super Bowl Star Climbs Even Higher: A Fox 29 Report
Chris Long has had a busy February, first he helped defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, now Fox 29's Mike Jerrick reveals the other amazing feat the Eagles Defensive End has accomplished.
Basketball Player Misses Record-Breaking Shot on Purpose
On the brink of breaking a decades-long record, Iowa Basketball player Jordan Bohannon missed a free-throw on purpose. Top 30 will tell you why.
How NOT to Get a Beach Body: A Curiosity Report
Is there one exercise you should NOT be doing if you want a beach body by summer? Cody Gough​ of Curiosity​ reveals the exercise that does more harm than good.
Dallas Mavericks Face Serious Allegations
To what extent is Mark Cuban responsible for the allegations being leveled against the Dallas Mavericks?
College Athletes Being Paid Illegally
New documents reveal illegal payments to a number of college athletes, in clear violation of NCAA rules - this all begs the question, should college athletes be paid? Vote in our Top 30 poll: https://www.facebook.com/Top30TV/posts/1593760754033675
Olympians Finding Love on Tinder
Want to date an Olympic athlete? Now's your chance to find one!
College Basketball Team Must Give up Championship
The Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team has been forced to vacate all of their wins between 2011-15, including a national championship.
Extreme Sports and Team USA at the Winter Olympics
If it weren't for extreme sports, Americans might be having a rougher time at the Winter Olympics.
Olympians Struggle to Earn Gold and Green
On their road to potential Gold, many Olympic athletes are looking for other means to make ends meet.
NBA Injuries on the Rise
The number of games missed due to NBA injuries is up a whopping 42% this year, the question is why?
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Under Fire
In the summer of 2014 the Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise more than $115 million for ALS, now the only thing being raised is concern over how the money is being used.
Olympian Diets Revealed
For athletes, diet's just as important as training - just ask Michael Phelps and his 12,000 calorie diet. With that in mind, Top 30 breaks down the daily eating habits of Winter Olympic athletes as they go for Gold.
NFL Star Does His Chores
Juju Smith Schuster may be a professional NFL player, but he still has chores to do.
North Korean Beauties Steal Show at Olympic Games
North Korea's sent an "Army of Beauties" to cheer on their athletes at the Olympic Games. What's your take, is this harmless fun or dangerous propaganda?
The Cost of Figure Skating
It takes a lot of practice for figure skaters like Mirai Nagasu and Nathan Chen to make it to the Olympics, but you'll never guess how much money it can take to become a figure skater at all.