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Explore the most entertaining sports videos on Top30.
Top 30: The NFL'S Most Valuable Team
#Top30: The average NFL team is worth roughly $2.5 Billion, but one team rises above the rest with a valuation of a cool $4.8 Billion. Which team do you think it is?
Top 30: The Saga of Aaron Hernandez
The attorney of Aaron Hernandez​ says the former football-player had a severe case of #CTE and that his family is suing the #NFL and New England Patriots​ because of it.
Top 30: Phillies Fan Makes Good on Promise
#Top30: When rookie Rhys Hoskins hit a home run, one Phillies fan had to follow through on his promise to "buy everyone chicken nuggets."
Top 30: Trending Now (September 21, 2017)
A young girl is hospitalized after being hit by a foul ball, Lawrence O'Donnell apologizes after a behind-the-scenes rant surfaces online, and a European vacation goes viral following a very unique travel video, all in today's #Top30 trending roundup.
Top 30: South Korea's Olympic Problem
#Top30: If dealing with North Korea wasn't challenge enough, now South Korea must face the fact that with only 5 months until the opening ceremony, they have only sold 20% of tickets to next year's Winter Olympic Games.
Top 30: Andy Murray, Feminist
#Top30: The #3 Tennis Player in the world, Andy Murray, has written an op-ed for the BBC where he once again confronts sexism in sports.
Top 30:Baseball Record Broken
#Top30: With a week still to go in the MLB season, a 17-year-old record fell Tuesday night when Alex Gordon hit the 5,694th home run of the year.
Top 30: The Mystery of Kevin Durant's Twitter Account
#Top30: Has Kevin Durant been using faux Twitter accounts to respond to his critics? Top 30 has the story of a mysterious series of deleted tweets that have raised some question about the NBA star's online persona.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 19, 2017)
Oscar Pistorius's prison sentence, Eli Manning's delay of game penalty and Beyonce fans are disappointed to hear a punk band when they played their new Lemonade album, all in today's #Top30 trending roundup.
Top 30: Ex-Chargers Fan Buys Billboard
#Top30: Jilted by the fact the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, a former fan purchased a billboard to let the team know how he felt.
Top 30: China, the World's Greatest Skatepark
#Top30: The newest go-to destinations for skateboarders are not skate parks in Southern California, but marble-covered outdoor areas in China.
Top 30: NFL Week 1 was a Fumble
#Top30: In Week 2 of the NFL, the New England Patriots​ take on the New Orleans Saints​ and the San Francisco 49ers​ play the Seattle Seahawks​ - hopefully these match-ups turn out better than those in week 1, which had some of the lowest scoring and most
Top 30: Footballs of the Future
#Top30: The NFL has inserted data-collecting microchips into the footballs in order to mine statistics about the ball’s movement during play.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 13, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup: The U.S. Coast Guard​ rescues a sinking fishing vessel, AMC​ is developing a series based on a book about Black Lives Matter​, Gay Rights pioneer Edith Windsor​ has died, and the Cleveland Indians​ have tied the America
Top 30: NBA Gets Behind Players' Causes
#Top30: On the heels a national uproar over NFL players decision to stand against, or kneel for, certain personal causes, NBA Commissioner Adam Siliver has released a letter saying that NBA players have their support to stand for the causes they believe i