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The Good Doctor with Dr. Suzanne
Want to live longer? Top 30's favorite doctor, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-lenz, tells us about one type of relationship that can save your life.
Please Keep Your Dog Away From Marijuana
Accidental weed ingestion by pets is on the rise, especially for dogs. A California vet describes the effects and gives advice on how to keep your dog safe.
Airplanes Are Getting More Uncomfortable
Airlines are continuing to squeeze seats together as tightly as they wish. How is this allowed? Kristin Smith explains it all.
Keeping It Cool With Your Phone
Is your phone acting up? It may be the hot weather! Kristin Smith explains how high temperatures can damage your device and shows how to keep it cool.
Unusual Garden In Philadelphia
Mike Jerrick FOX 29 tells us how a small garden in Philadelphia is setting a good example!
Protect Your Car From Getting Hacked
Thieves can now hack into your key fob and steal your car! But luckily, there's an easy way to prevent it.
Would You Take Orders From A Robot?
These are a few benefits to having a robot as your boss!
Can Astronauts Survive A Journey To Mars?
NASA is coming up with a way to transport astronauts to Mars. Is it safe? Cody Gough from Curiosity.com gives us the details!
Sleep Coaches: The Newest Exercise Trend
If you're looking for a more effective workout, maybe you should invest in a sleep coach.
Top 30 Health Roundup
Are E-Cig flavors dangerous? This story and others in today's Top 30 Health Roundup.
The Danger of Kitchen Towels and More you Need to Know
Which item in your kitchen should you throw out right now? Danielle Knox of Fox 35 has this story and more things you need to know.
Online Shopping Damaging Environment
Could all of your online shopping be killing the environment?
Massive Black Hole Discovered
A project called the SkyMapper has found one of the fastest-growing black holes. Top 30 takes you inside.
It's Mine: Kids and Object Ownership
Sharing may be caring, that's what children are taught, but that doesn't mean young kids don't also understand that things still have owners.
The Most Accurate Food Tracker
Say goodbye to the guess-work that comes with tracking your food and calorie intake!