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Explore the most entertaining science and nature videos on Top30.
Massive Black Hole Discovered
A project called the SkyMapper has found one of the fastest-growing black holes. Top 30 takes you inside.
It's Mine: Kids and Object Ownership
Sharing may be caring, that's what children are taught, but that doesn't mean young kids don't also understand that things still have owners.
The Most Accurate Food Tracker
Say goodbye to the guess-work that comes with tracking your food and calorie intake!
Keeping the Doctor Away and More you Need to Know
Forget "an apple a day," maybe it's this food that keeps the doctor away. Danielle Knox has the things you need to know.
Is Rudeness Contagious?
"Why give into rudeness, when you can fight back with kindness."
Top 30 Steal: The Benefits of Hemp Oil
When it comes to treating pain and illness, there are many benefits to hemp oil. That's why we're offering Top 30 viewers a special discount on the Sacred Hemp Pain Relief Balm and Lotion.
Fact or Fiction: The Biggest First Aid Myths
Holding your head back to stop a nose bleed is not the only popular first aid solution that's a total myth.
The Health Benefits of Concerts
Want to improve your self-worth and well-being? Forget yoga, maybe you should hit up a concert.
It's on the Tip of my Tongue and More you Need to Know
Need a way to keep your mind sharp later in life? Danielle Knox of Fox 35 has this story and more things you need to know.
Judge Not, Lest ye be Judged
Do you judge people more harshly than you judge yourself for doing the same thing? Cody Gough of the Curiosity podcast is here to explain why.
Town Deals with Peacock Invasion
After decades of peaceful cohabitation, tensions are running high between the humans and peacocks of one Canadian town.
Being Nice is Overrated
Do you catch more flies with honey or vinegar? Danielle Knox is talking this story, fine casual dining and more that you need to know.
Top 30 Life Hacks with Andrea Robinson
Insect bites, hot flip flops, and sun burns, oh my. Andrea Robinson of Fox 10 is here to help with this week's summer-themed Top 30 Life Hacks.
4th of July Firework Safety
There's no better way to celebrate 4th of July than with a firework show, as long as you use those fireworks responsibly.
10-Year-Old Finally Sees World in Color
10-year-old Xavier McCoury has only ever seen the world in shades of black, white and grey.... until now.