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Explore the most entertaining science and nature videos on Top30.
National Park Service Board Resign
Frustrated over the methods and ideology of the Department of the Interior, 9 of the 12 members of the National Park Service Advisory Board have resigned. What does this mean for our nation's national parks and landmarks?
Childhood Conflict Leads to Adult Health Risks
Did you struggle with conflict as a child? New studies suggest that how you dealt with adversity in your early days may have an impact on your health later in life.
Dog Flu Strikes in 46 States
Humans aren't the only ones feeling this season's nasty flu, dogs are too. Top 30 breaks down some methods of detection and protection so that Man's Best Friend won't suffer during this year's severe canine influenza.
Never Hold in a Sneeze
We've all heard you should never hold in a sneeze.... it can lead to sinus problems, ear damage, infections or worse. One U.K. man just found that last one out the hard way.
Consumer Warning: Nationwide Ice Cream Recall
#RecalAlert: Fieldbrook Foods is voluntarily recalling ice cream bars made in 2017 due to health concerns. For more on the recalled ice cream and where you may find it, here's more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/01/12/ice-cream-bars-recall
Raw Water Controversy
Emerging untreated from natural springs, a debate is raging over whether Raw Water is healthier for drinkers or if it opens them up to more of a risk. Top 30 breaks down the latest so-called health craze.
Does Stress Turn you Gray?
We've always heard that stress can turn your hair gray... but is that a myth that needs debunking?
The End of the Winter Olympics?
By 2050, nine cities that once hosted the Winter Olympics will no longer be cold enough to host the games again.
The Dangers of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality headsets can transport users to worlds real and imaginary, but that freedom doesn't come without some serious health risks.
Kids Don't Know How to Cross the Street
You're able to vote at age 18 and you're able to drive at 16, but new studies suggest it's not until the age of 14 that you're properly able to cross the street.
The 27-Year-Old Self-Made Billionaire
Like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg before him, John Collison dropped out of Harvard to pursue his tech dreams. At 27, Collison is now the world's youngest self-made BILLIONAIRE!
Commuting to and from Area 51?
Are you level-headed, clear-thinking, and in posession of a top secret government security clearance? Well, there may now be a job opening at Area 51 just for you!
Top 30 Deals: Whiter Teeth
A nice smile increases a person's confidence, that's why we're offering a special deal to Top 30 viewers on True White's Activated Coconut Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder. For this and other deals, head to top30deals.com
American Kennel Club Adds 2 New Dog Breeds
Meet the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, the two newest breeds of dog to be recognized by the American Kennel Club.
Fitness Chain Bans Cable News
With the country so divided, Life Time Fitness chain is looking to create a healthy environment for gym-goers by banning all cable news.