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Explore the most entertaining science and nature videos on Top30.
America's Leftover Food Problem
New studies by the #NRDC suggest a quarter of food-based garbage comes from leftovers, so with #Thanksgiving around the corner, make sure your food doesn't go to waste.
Quick Hits: Keystone, Tesla and Luke Skywalker
The Keystone Pipeline leaks more than 200K gallons of oil, Tesla unveils their electric semi-truck, and Mark Hamill surprises Star Wars fans at Disneyland.... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Earth 2.0 Discovered?
Welcome to Ross 128 b., it's a newly discovered planet with similar conditions to Earth, and if scientists can figure out a way to transport people the 11 light years, it could soon support human life.
Top 30 Deals: Improve Your Skin
Studies out of Johns Hopkins Medicine‚Äč suggest light therapy leads to improved skin. That's why we're offering a special deal to Top 30‚Äč viewers on the Truly Clear 2 Light Therapy Device, which focuses highly effective light beams to reduce the appearance
Tiny Homes Help with Disaster Relief
The Problem? Many have been displaced from their homes following a series of natural disasters. The Solution? Tiny and pre-fabricated homes that provide affordable and temporary housing.
Floating: Startup Nation Setting Sail by 2020?
In an effort to create a startup country free from politicians, the world's first floating nation could pop-up off the coast of Tahiti by the year 2020. Would you be interested in calling the "floating island project" your home?
Sinking: Maryland Island Could be Underwater by 2100
As sea-levels rise, Deal Island and its 471 residents are at risk of extinction by the end of the century.
Curing Opioid Addiction: WSJ Moving Upstream
President Trump has declared opioid use a public health emergency, but new research may have found an option of saving lives. The Wall Street Journal's Jason Bellini has more in this week's Moving Upstream report.
Hospitals Running Out of IV Bags
Thanks to damage caused by Hurricane Maria and an investigation into faulty products, medical supply companies are struggling to meet hospital's demands for an essential product.
Could GOP Tax Plan End Obamacare?
As part of the GOP's effort to overhaul the U.S. Tax Code, Senate Republicans have added a repeal of the Affordable Care Act's Individual Mandate to their plan. Is this how Republicans end Obamacare, or does this signal bad things for their tax plan?
Brain Implants Might Improve Memory
If you were told you could improve your memory by implanting electrodes in your brain that imitate memory processing through electric shocks, would you do it?
Quick Hits: UCLA, Mandalay Bay and Go Pros
#LiAngeloBall and two other #UCLA basketball players return home after a week under house arrest in China, #MandalayBay has to let employees go after decreased attendance, and the floor really is lava for this #GoPro engulfed in flames... these are your T
New Guidelines Mean Everyone Has High Blood Pressure
The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology have issued new qualifications for high blood pressure, which means that there's now a nearly 50-50 chance you actually have hypertension.
Woman Reunited with Deceased Husband
Looking for a good cry? Here's the story of a widowed woman who came face-to-face with the man who received her deceased husband's face in a transplant.
Top 30 Deals: Nourish Your Skin
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says if you want pretty skin, you need to nourish it - too bad your body only provides some of those nutrients. That's why we're offering the Ruby Collection Skincare Kit at a 76% discount to help revitalize your