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Explore the most entertaining science and nature videos on Top30.
Re-thinking the Mediterranean Diet
A diet of produce, nuts, olive oil and fish sounds like a healthy combination, but do doctors now have reason to doubt the Mediterranean diet?
Women Switched at Birth 72 Years Ago
72-year-old Denise always thought it was strange that shew as the only blonde in her family.... then she learned the truth.
Has the Bubonic Plague Returned?
In the Middle Ages, the Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, wiped out a third of Earth's population.... now, a young boy in Idaho has contracted it.
Beach Warning: Jellyfish on the Rise
After 1,200 beachgoers got stung at Florida beaches in a week, what should you know to keep yourself safe from jellyfish this summer?
Why do Mosquitoes Bite You?
If you think you get bit by mosquitoes more than others, Top 30 will tell you why you're probably right.
Is Summer Brain Drain Real?
How far can kids fall behind in school over their summer vacation? Danielle Knox is here with the truth about summer brain drain and other things you need to know!
The Dangers of Lasik Surgery
It's meant to correct vision, but, in some cases, could Lasik be doing the opposite?
The Science of Being Hangry
Can hunger actually morph into anger? Thanks to some new research, we may finally know the truth about being hangry!
Depression as a Side Effect
Even if they have nothing to do with mood, more medications are being linked to increases in depression and mood changes?
Get Paid to Get the Flu
If you’re looking for $3,500, have 10 days free, and are willing to be voluntarily infected with the flu.... have we got the job for you.
Root for Your Roots at the World Cup
The FIFA World Cup kicks off June 14, but with Team USA sitting on the sidelines, who will you be cheering on as you root for her roots with 23 and me!
Baby Einstein 2.0 Talks to Top 30
An adorable baby with uncombable hair syndrom is teaching the world a thing or two about body positivity. Say hello to Baby Einstein 2.0.
The Tell-Tale Sign of Narcissism
How can you spot someone who loves themselves? Danielle Knox is here with the tell-tale sign and other things you need to know!
Beating Insomnia with Dr. Suzanne
25% of Americans suffer acute insomnia. Luckily, Dr Suzanne Gilberg-lenz is here with some tips for beating the condition and getting some real rest.
Addressing Suicide After Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade
As the world mourns Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, the conversation now turns to addressing the very serious issues of suicide and depression.