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Explore the most entertaining science and nature videos on Top30.
The Happiest City in America
A new study looked at 28 factors of happiness to rank the 182 happiest cities in America, did yours make the list?
Nausea, Makeup and Pizza: Need to Know with Danielle Knox
Which everyday item will make your dog sick? What motivates people more than cash? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.
A Day without a Cell Phone
Could you go without your smartphone for 24-hours?
Bringing Down the Cost of Cell Phone Repair
Don't you hate it when a certain part of your cell phone breaks and it costs and arm and a leg to fix it? Well, a new proposal may bring that cost down, Top 30 will show you how.
Internet Inventor Has Change of Heart
One of the men who invented the Internet is now warning people about the dangers of using it.
Virtual Assistant Goes to Space Station
The International Space Station is getting a virtual assistant that can mimic human emotion...have Moon, 2001 and other science fiction films have taught us nothing?
Goodyear Creates Revolutionary, Breathing Tire
They said it couldn't be done... they said you couldn't reinvent the wheel... well, it seems they forgot to tell that to Goodyear.
Doctors Being Paid to Push Opioids?
Are doctors being bribed into prescribing narcotics? A new report on opioid use asks us to follow the money.
How Much Coffee is Too Much Coffee?: A Curiosity Report
For those who need more than just the morning pick-me-up, Cody Gough of Curiosity reveals the ideal amount of coffee you should drink each day for maximum benefit.
Burgers, Dads and Socks: Need to Know with Danielle Knox
Will looking like your dad make you healthier? Which item of clothing helps you fall asleep? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.
Amazon's Alexa is Laughing at You
There are few things more terrifying than unexplained laughter coming from somewhere in your home.... well, thanks to the Amazon Alexa, that fear is now a reality.
The End of Daylight Savings
As many try to readjust to the time springing forward an hour, a number of states are looking to end Daylight Savings forever.
Learning From Younger Siblings
There's some very important life lessons that we can learn from our younger siblings, with one exception.
Top 30 Solutions: No More Dry Air
We're in the middle of the worst flu season in decades, and since studies show dry air can spread flu outbreaks, we're offering Top 30 viewers an exclusive deal on this portable water bottle humidifier to help you breath easier and stay healthy. For th
Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat
What's covered with more bacteria than a toilet seat? Apparently a lot of things that we use and touch every single day.