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Explore the most entertaining politics videos on Top30.
Shocking Data on Sex in the Workplace
A survey on workplace culture around the world has uncovered some disturbing realities about what male bosses expect from their female employees.
Students Stage National Walkout for Parkland
Students are sending a message to lawmakers on the one-month anniversary of the #Parkland shooting, but not all schools are encouraging the activism. Top 30 discusses March 14th's National Walkout.
House Completes Russia Collusion Investigation
Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have concluded their investigation into Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 election. What did they find and what does it all mean? Top 30 will tell you.
School District Takes Steps to Protect Students
While debate rages over what to do in the aftermath of #Parkland, one elementary school in Oklahoma has taken steps to prevent future tragedy, be that a mass shooting, earthquake or hurricane.
Doctors Being Paid to Push Opioids?
Are doctors being bribed into prescribing narcotics? A new report on opioid use asks us to follow the money.
The Geek Squad Informs to the FBI
Morally, should the Best Buy Geek Squad report to the FBI if they find illegal material on a customer's computer? What about legally? Top 30 debates.
Closing the Gender Pay Gap
Can transparency be the key to closing the gender pay gap? Ontario, Canada seems to think so.
Debate Rages Over Parkland Footage
Should surveillance footage from OUTSIDE Stoneman Douglas High School be released, or is it not in the public interest? Top 30 debates.
Hollywood's Biggest Night Gets Smaller
Is it the nominated movies? The host? The politics? Sheer disinterest? Or something else completely that's causing people to tune out of the Oscars? Top 30 debates.
Tax Season Red Flags
With tax season upon us, Top 30‚Äč has some filing tips and red flags you should look out for if you want to avoid triggering that dreaded audit.
Is Political Clothing Protected Speech?
Is it a violation of your First Amendment rights if you're not allowed to wear an #ImWithHer t-shirt or a #MAGA hat into a voting booth?
Politics at the Oscars
Will Jimmy Kimmel get political at the Oscars this year? More importantly, should he?
Disney Workers Protesting Bonuses
The Happiest Place on Earth might not be so happy for the people who actually work there.
Who's Reading Your E-mails?
What right does the federal government have to access your personal e-mails? Top 30 discusses a potentially game-changing Supreme Court case.
Companies Cutting Ties with NRA
A growing list of companies has cut ties with the NRA, but will the #BoycottNRA movement have any effect on the organization or on gun legislation?