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Royal Watch: Prince Charles and the Orangutan
The Sun's Arthur Edwards is back in London as he chats with Richard about Prince Charles Rain Forest run-in with an orangutan and Kate Middleton's call to protect the mental health of students.... it's all in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.
TSA Fails to Find Weapons
Want to hear something terrifying? An undercover operation by Homeland Security has revealed that the TSA failed to identify more than 70% of fake guns, knives and explosives that their agents snuck into airports.... so, happy travels.
Top 30 Celebrates Heroes: Purple Hearts and Other Honors
Top 30 Celebrates #VeteransDay: Beyond our gratitude, medals and memorials are concrete ways veterans can be honored - and organizations like Purple Hearts Reunited and the Honor Flights Network are helping to make sure those honors go off without a hitch
The Weinstein Effect: Bryan Singer Accusations Resurface
As accusations of sexual impropriety swirl around #HarveyWeinstein, #KevinSpacey and others in Hollywood, actress #JessicaChastain is reminding the world of the forgotten allegations leveled against director #BryanSinger in 2014.
Election Night 2017: A Sign of Things to Come?
On Tuesday night, Democrats had one of their best election nights in years, especially in Virginia and New Jersey. What does it all mean for the balance of power in Washington and for the mid-terms in 2018? Top30 will break it down for you.
Texas Massacre: What we Know 48-hours Later
More details have emerged following Sunday's mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, including the fact the Air Force failed to follow procedure and report the gunman after he was convicted for abusing his wife... a fact that would have prevented him from ob
Quick Hits: Rand Paul, Amazon and "Diddy" No More
Senator Rand Paul is allegedly mowed over by his neighbor as he mows his own front yard, Amazon is getting a jump on the holidays with a series of deals and discounts, and Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs has changed his name again... these are your Top 30 Qui
Vehicular Terrorism: Why it's Happening and How to Stop it
Barcelona. Nice. London, three times. Now, New York City. Terrorist attacks using everyday vehicles are on the rise, and law enforcement is struggling to figure out a way to stop it.
The NatGeo Minute: "Long Road Home" Preview
In this NatGeo Minute, take a behind the scenes look at "Long Road Home," the new miniseries that tells the harrowing story of April 4, 2004, "Black Sunday," when troops from Fort Hood, Texas were ambushed in Baghdad. Long Road Home premieres with bac
The Sutherland Springs Massacre: What We Know
26 were killed and another 20 injured when a gunman opened fire on a Baptist Church on Sunday. It's the fifth worst mass shooting in modern US history and the second in the last 35 days. Here's what we know so far about the massacre in Sutherland Springs,
Say Goodbye to Daylight Savings?
As the rest of the country gets ready to "fall back" this weekend for Daylight Savings, Massachusetts is looking to not only end the tradition, but to leave their time zone altogether.
Quick Hits: Unemployment, Papa John's and a Ring Bearer
Unemployment falls to a 17-year low, Papa John's Pizza​ blames the NFL​ for low sales and Pizza Hut​ is not buying it, and a toddler ring bearer has an adorably tough time making it down the aisle... these are your Top 30​ Quick Hits.
iPhone Facial Recognition Raises Privacy Questions
As thousands lined up to be among the first to purchase the iPhone X, privacy experts have expressed concern that the new 3D facial recognition technology may lead to serious privacy issues down the road.
The Psychological Dance: Interrogating the NY Terror Suspect
As the suspect in Tuesday's New York terror attack reveals new details, Richard Bacon talks with former FBI Special Agent Bobby Chacon about the "psychological dance" between suspect and interrogator in this revealing interview.
Facebook, Twitter and Google Head to Capitol Hill
#ICYMI: Representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter took to Capitol Hill this week to answer questions on Russian election interference, their site's security and even potential cyber warfare. It didn't go well.