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Explore the most entertaining politics videos on Top30.
Teachers Prepare for School Shootings
In an effort to prepare for potential school shootings, new simulations are allowing teachers to step into the shoes of the police or even the shooters.
Royal Watch: Who Needs a Monarchy, Anyway?
Arthur Edwards is speaking from Norway, as he and Richard discuss whether or not the United Kingdom even needs a Royal Family anymore. What's your take?
Top 30 Talk with Richard and Kristin
San Francisco dismisses certain crimes, a prominent mayor admits to an extramarital affair, the IOC addresses Russian doping before the Winter Olympics, and did a dog get unemployment benefits? Richard and Kristin discuss in today's Top 30 Talk.
Massive Health Care Partnership
While details are sparse, Amazon.com​, Berkshire Hathaway​ and JPMorgan Chase & Co.​ have teamed to provide U.S. employees with health coverage, and they may be changing the industry forever.
America's Bridges Falling Down
More than 54 thousand bridges across the United States​ are considered "structurally deficient," so what can we do to repair our crumbling infrastructure? Top 30​ breaks it down.
TSA Finds Weapons
The only thing more stressful than flying, is the number of guns and weapons that were confiscated by TSA in airports last year.
Is Your Tax Refund at Risk?
Many Americans are looking forward to receiving tax refunds, but could your refund be at risk of being stolen by hackers?
The World's Best Countries
For the second year in a row, the United States fell further down the list of the World's Best Countries. But who came out as #1?
Waging War on ISIS: The NatGeo Minute
This week's NatGeo Minute embeds viewers with the U.S. military as they pursue the enemy and wage war on ISIS. "Chain of Command" ais Mondays at 9/8c on National Geographic.
U.S. Economy on the Rise
While it failed to match the President's lofty expectations, the U.S. economy grew by 2.3% last year, with consumer confidence the highest it's been in almost 20 years. Will the trend continue?
The Battle Over Sanctuary Cities
After the DOJ threatened to issue subpoenas and to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities, a number of mayors boycotted a meeting with President Trump on infrastructure. What's your take?
Mueller Investigation Heads into Next Phase
Several key political figures have been questioned as part of the probe into Russian collusion, will President Trump be next to face Mueller?
The Government is Back in Business.... For Now
After being shutdown for nearly three days, the Government is once again open for business, well, at least until February 8.
Americans Paying Triple Digit Interest on Loans?
More Americans are taking out installment loans with interest rates in the triple digits, a practice that some suggest is like feeding starving people with poison food.
Wanted: Los Angeles Needs a Graphic Designer
Los Angeles City Hall is looking for a graphic designer, so instead of a typical job listing, they created one of the most incredible and ironic advertisements of all-time.