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Should Will Smith Run For President?
Will Smith was spotted leaving an event with Dave Chappelle. A reporter approached them and asked the Fresh Prince if he would run for president. The actor said he would “consider it” and Dave added he would be vice president! Would you vote for him?
Melissa McCarthy Is A Good Thief, Kanye For President & Cardi B. Vs. Nicki Minaj
Melissa McCarthy reveals the last time she did something illegal, Kanye West is serious about running for president and the Cardi B-Nicki Minaj feud is savage! Headkrack from Dish Nation has the dish!
Newspapers Stand Against Trump For Free Press
The media has been attacked by President Trump saying they’re the opposition party and has accused reporters of writing ‘fiction.’ Newspapers are finally uniting and speaking out against him.
Legal Ways To Avoid Jury Duty
About 7% of Americans admitted that they have lied to avoid jury duty. You should be aware that lying is a felony… But if you must get out it, Kristin Smith has a few ways to legally prevent serving!
"We Were Duped": Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Sarah Palin
Has Sacha Baron Cohen finally gone too far? Gianno Caldwell stops by Top 30 to discuss how the comedian "duped" Sarah Palin.
Healing the Hidden Wounds of War
Veterans face many challenges once they return home, now one organization is helping to heal those hidden wounds of war. Mike Jerrick of Fox 29 has more.
Soccer Player's Tattoo Courts Controversy
"I shoot, not with guns, but with my feet."
Town Deals with Peacock Invasion
After decades of peaceful cohabitation, tensions are running high between the humans and peacocks of one Canadian town.
Women in the FBI
When it comes to gender discimination in the nation's highest law enforcement agencies, the evidence and the conclusions don't always line up.
A Town Built for Walking while Texting
Instead of telling pedestrians to put down their phones, one town is embracing distracted walking.
Royal Watch: Official Visits
Prince William makes history with his royal visit, and the Queen gets ready to receive a guest. Arthur Edwards has more in this Top 30 Royal Watch!
Justice, The Georgia Way
From Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers to court clerk Kerry Stephens, the criminal justice system of South Fullton, Georgia has just made history.
Airport to Scan Passengers' Faces
Smile, the Department of Homeland Security wants your picture.
D.C.'s First Lobbyist with Down Syndrome
At just 30 years old, Kayla McKeon has already had legislation signed into law, and she's doing it as the first D.C. lobbyist with down syndrome.
First Ladies Speak Out On Family Separation
As the debate rages over family separations at the southern border, America's five living First Ladies are speaking up.