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Explore the most entertaining national news videos on Top30.
Roommates on the Rise
Do you live with another adult who you're not in a relationship with? You're not alone. Top 30 takes a deeper look at America's growing number of adult roommates.
Olympic Athletes Compete While Tired
Some Olympic athletes are intentionally competing while jet-lagged... we'll tell you why they think this will help them win Gold for Team USA.
Trump's Military Parade
Extreme patriotism or Autocratic tendencies? Richard and Kristin discuss President Trump's desire for an elaborate military parade.
Identity Theft on the Rise
More Americans had their identities stolen in 2017 than ever before, Top 30 has some advice to make sure you don't become one of those people in 2018.
$800 Million Goes Missing at Pentagon
What if someone lost track of $800 million? What if it was tax-payer money? Richard and Kristin discuss this multi-million-dollar mystery!
Escaping Airport Bacteria
New studies suggest certain airport surfaces may be covered in 1,500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Top 30 has the shocking data that will make you never want to leave your house again.
Winter Olympics Facing Challenges
First there was North Korea, now South Korea is facing two fresh threats in the hours leading up to the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Amtrak Accidents Cause Concern
An Amtrak crash in South Carolina is the 4th major incident since December. Richard and Kristin discuss what should be done to prevent future accidents.
Avoid These Tax Return Mistakes
Millions of Americans will make a mistake on their tax return this year. Top 30‚Äč will show you not only how to avoid those errors, but also how to avoid hackers trying to steal your refund!
The Cost of the Flu
Beyond the human toll, this year's flu has cost companies some $15 billion. Top 30 breaks down what employers can do to keep employees, and the bottom line, healthy.
Second Government Shutdown Looms
Will the government be funded past Feb 8? Will Congress reach a deal on DACA? Top 30 breaks everything down as we head towards a potential 2nd shutdown of 2018.
Amazon Could Track Employees
Do Amazon's proposed electric wristbands signal a new fronteir in business productivity, or is it the end of employee privacy?
Teachers Prepare for School Shootings
In an effort to prepare for potential school shootings, new simulations are allowing teachers to step into the shoes of the police or even the shooters.
MLB Works to Ensure Fan Safety
Following a number of injuries last season, MLB is taking steps to prevent fans from being hit by foul balls.
Top 30 Talk with Richard and Kristin
San Francisco dismisses certain crimes, a prominent mayor admits to an extramarital affair, the IOC addresses Russian doping before the Winter Olympics, and did a dog get unemployment benefits? Richard and Kristin discuss in today's Top 30 Talk.