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Explore the most entertaining national news videos on Top30.
A Child Gets Stuck Inside A Running Washing Machine
A mother's 3-year-old daughter got stuck inside a new airtight washing machine, which was tumbling and filling with water. She is sharing her story as a way to warn parents.
What Made MGM Sue The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting?
Brian Unger shares his opinion on the MGM lawsuit against the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Find out why he says MGM is 'shopping for judges.' Also, what's the worst question you've been asked during a job interview? And check out the viral picture o
Gianno Caldwell & Kristin Smith Discuss Fatal Shooting In Chicago
Gianno Caldwell and Kristin Smith share their opinion on the fatal shooting involving police officers and an African American man. Apparently, there is more crime in Chicago than in New York and Los Angeles.
Protecting Yourself from Sea Lice with Dr. Suzanne
What exactly are sea lice, and how can you protect yourself from them? Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-lenz stops by Top 30 to explain.
New Game Show Wants To Pay Your School Loans!
Millions of Americans carry student loan debt, but a new TV show wants to help you eliminate it!
Kellogg's Cereal Linked To 100 Salmonella Infections
The CDC is warning people to not eat this popular Kellogg's cereal because it is linked to a salmonella outbreak! Kristin Smith has the details!
Tips To Stay Cool This Summer
It's heating up everywhere but no worries, Steve Noviello from Fox 4 Dallas has some tips to stay cool.
JetBlue Crew Saves A Dog's Life
A couple's pet was saved by the JetBlue flight crew. Reports say the dog was struggling to breathe and was quickly helped by flight attendants.
"We Were Duped": Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Sarah Palin
Has Sacha Baron Cohen finally gone too far? Gianno Caldwell stops by Top 30 to discuss how the comedian "duped" Sarah Palin.
Rustic Chic: Barnyard Weddings on the Rise
As the average cost of weddings has continued to rise, millennials have found a chic new way to say "I do."
Healing the Hidden Wounds of War
Veterans face many challenges once they return home, now one organization is helping to heal those hidden wounds of war. Mike Jerrick of Fox 29 has more.
The Baby-Sitters Club
After you hear the average hourly rate for a baby-sitter in America, you might be considering a career change.
To Travel or Not To Travel This Summer
The good news: about half of Americans will go on vacation this summer. The bad news: about half of Americans won't!
More College Grads Moving Home
What's the best thing to do after earning a college degree, how about moving back in with your parents?
Bringing Home Expenses Down
Americans spend an average $1,443 per month on housing. But what exactly are they spending that money on, and how can the cost be brought down?