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Flu Season Is Coming: Are You Prepared?
Kids are back in school and so is flu season! University of Colorado professor Dr. Harley Rotbart has revealed what the germiest place in a school is… beating out bathrooms! Here are a few ways to keep your children germ-free!
Hurricane Holder-Hacks By Kim & Penn Holderness
Kim and Penn Holderness from North Carolina are making us laugh and keeping us safe with their unique hurricane Holder-Hacks! Page Fehling from FOX 46 Charlotte shares them with us.
Should You Buy Christmas Decorations Early?
It's still summer but stores are already selling Christmas decorations! Is it a good idea to start shopping this early? Kristin Smith has the answer!
The Biggest Financial Shocks For Pet Owners & How To Avoid Them
Being a pet owner can bring can be a huge financial shock! You don’t only spend on food, treats and accessories… unexpected vet bills can put a real dent in your wallet. Here are a few ways you can keep your furry friends healthy and within the budget.
New Yorkers VS Mister Softee Jingle
New Yorkers have started a feud against the “Mr. Softee” ice cream truck song and a report titled “Where New Yorkers are the least chill with the Mister Softee song” details cities with the most complaints. Do you think this is petty?
How Gamifying Your Fitness Routine Can Lead To Better Health With Christine Lusita
Recent studies reveal that adding a little fun to your fitness routine can motivate you to work out more! Fitness expert and author of ‘The Right Fit Formula’ Christine Lusita explains how to apply gamification to your fitness routines and ways to keep yo
US Weekly: Updates On ‘The Bachelor,’ Demi Lovato & Kourtney Kardashian By Brody Brown!
Former NFL player Colton Underwood is the new ‘Bachelor’ and Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen are speaking out! Demi Lovato is off to a fresh start and, did Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima break up? Brody Brown of US Weekly has the scoop!
“Just Breathe” By Mallika Chopra: A Guide To Help Kids De-Stress
More than 2 million American children have been diagnosed with anxiety. Parents are now looking for ways to help kids de-stress and focus on mindfulness as the new school year begins. Author of “Just Breathe” Mallika Chopra explains how to introduce child
Recommendations To Stay Protected During Flu Season
Flu season is almost here and doctors are giving specific recommendations for you to protect yourself and your family. There’s also a good alternative in case you don’t like shots. Kristin Smith has the info!
Why Are STD Rates Going Up?
Last year more than 2 million Americans were diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections. But why are the numbers going up? Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz explains what may be influencing people to not get checked and what we can do to stay safe.
The Worst Date To Get Married
Did you know that teaching your kid how to lie is actually a good thing? Also, we now know the reason why men don’t bother with food labels and find out what’s the worst day to get married! Danielle Knox from FOX 35 Orlando has all you need to know!
Kitchen Hacks To Stop Food From Spoiling In Your Fridge
We’ve all had our food go bad in the fridge before we even get to eat it. What’s the best way to keep food fresh? Page Fehling from FOX 46 Charlotte says it all has to do with food placement!
Why You Should NEVER Flush These Items!
According to a New York Times discussion with waste management experts, there are particular items you should NEVER flush down the toilet no matter how harmless they may seem… find out why!
The Connection Between Junk Food & Drugs
Research shows that there are similarities between junk food and drugs and it is something to take more seriously. Cody Gough from the Curiosity Podcast reveals what they all have in common.
The Benefit Of Married Couples Living Apart
Why is it easier for men to lose weight faster than women? Also, this household item is going up in price and there’s a benefit of being away from your spouse! Danielle Knox has all you need to know today!