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Explore the most entertaining great local stories videos on Top30.
Southern Seafood: Crawfish with CoCo Dominguez
It's the Southern Seafood people crave all year long, let CoCo Dominguez of Fox 26 tells you everything you need to know about crawfish.
Office Romances, Bacteria and Drones: Need to Know with Danielle Knox
How has #MeToo affected office romances? How much bacteria is falling from the sky? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.
Dollars, Dreams and Duties: A Save Me Steve Report
Valentine's Day is around the corner, Save me Steve of Fox 4 Dallas is here with some pointers for you and your significant other to best manage your money.
Hero Teen Prevents Bus Crash
When a school bus driver suffered a medical emergency at the wheel, 13-year-old Karson Vega jumped into action and became a hero. Top 30 has his story.
Heart-Wrenching Puppy Rescue
Get ready, because this video of three adorable puppies being found trapped in a pool of tar will make you experience every possible emotion in less than 90-seconds.
Inspiring Amputee Sheds 500 Pounds
Stanley Hollar weighed nearly 700 pounds, but when doctors said he might die, even an amputated leg wouldn't stop him from proving them wrong.
Powerball Winner Wants Privacy
You've just won $560 million, do you tell everyone you know, or do you make sure no one ever finds out? Richard and Kristin discuss.
Going Off-the-Grid: The NatGeo Minute
This week's NatGeo Minute takes us off-the-grid as survivalists fend for themselves in the wilderness of Alaska. "Life Below Zero" ais Thursdays at 8/7c on National Geographic.
The Next Great TV Show: A Jason Show Report
Ryan Murphy produces some of the most popular shows on TV. Now Jason Matheson tells us about Murphy's exciting new project and the big names who could bring it to life.
Amazon's Futuristic Greenhouse
If you're bored with your poorly-lit cubicle, you may not want to see this Top 30 story of the incredible greenhouse spheres that Amazon employees now call home.
Patriots Star Goes Back to Work
After the Patriot's loss in Super Bowl 52, wide receiver Bernard Reedy will return to making $11/hour as a driver for the terminally ill.
Philadelphia Eagles Make History
The Philadelphia Eagles made history on Sunday, winning their first Super Bowl Championship ever. Mike Jerrick of Fox 29 Philly tells Kristin how the city is celebrating their major victory!
Man Surprises Girlfriend With Cow Heart
How many cows does it take to properly tell someone you love them? For one South Dakota man, the answer was 250.
Extreme Couple Ties the Knot
If getting married in a church is too traditional for you, maybe you'll be interested in exchanging vows in a net suspended 400-feet above a canyon... parachuting flower girls not included.
Need to Know with Danielle Knox
Is the flu leading to a blood supply shortage? Does dairy affect your IQ? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.