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Explore the most entertaining great local stories videos on Top30.
Woman Reunited with Deceased Husband
Looking for a good cry? Here's the story of a widowed woman who came face-to-face with the man who received her deceased husband's face in a transplant.
Bride Vows to Have and to Hold Young Step-Son
When Katie Musser said "I do" to her groom Jeremy, she also made a solemn vow to her new stepson... and to his mother. For more heartwarming family stories, check your local TV listings for brand-new episodes of Top 30.
Top 30 Hometown: Minneapolis, New York and Tampa
In today's Hometown Stories we meet... • From Fox 9, Andrea Jenkins, who is the first transgender woman of color to be elected to a major city council seat. • From Fox 5, the organization VOTERUNLEAD, which trains women to run for elected office at al
One-Handed UCF Linebacker Takes the CollegeFootball by Storm
Meet Shaquem Griffin, he was born with a rare birth defect that eventually led to his hand being fully amputated. That hasn’t stopped Griffin from following his dreams, he’s currently a linebacker at the undefeated University of Central Florida, and even
Disneyland's Legionnaires Scares
Reasons to go to Disneyland: The rides, the magic, the fact it's the happiest place on earth Reason NOT to go to Disneyland: the 9 cases of legionnaires' disease attendees have contracted
KFC Honors Twitter Sleuth with Portrait
What could possibly be the reason that #KFC commissioned a large painting of a customer riding piggyback on #ColonelSanders while waving a drumstick? Top 30‚Äč has the answer. #GiddyUpColonerl
A Mother's Work is Never Done
Meet Ada Keating, this 98-year-old woman has just moved into an England nursing home, but it's not for her, it's so she can take care of her 80-year-old son.
Five-Year-Old with a Broken Heart Gets Dream Wedding
In preparation of her fourth open-heart surgery, five-year-old Sophia was asked what she most wanted in her life... she chose love. Here are the adorable and bittersweet photos of Sophia and her pre-school best friend Hunter on their dream wedding day.
Man Fakes Own Death to Catch Wife Red-Handed
When Ramon Sosa discovered his wife had paid one of his students to kill him, he took actions into his own hands... For more amazing stories like this daily, check your local listings for brand-new episodes of Top 30.
Top 30 Hometown: Little Elm, Pasadena and West Sayville
In today's Hometown Stories we meet... • From Fox 4 Dallas, the parents of a local soccer team who formed a human chain to save the teams coach when he was swept away in a current. • From Fox 11, the volunteers of the Pasadena Senior Center who are pr
38-Year-Old Joins College Basketball Team
"The only thing you can ever fear is regret, don't fear failure... at least you tried." Wise words from Dan Stoddard who, at 38-years-old, is playing on a college basketball team, proving it's never too late to follow your dreams.
Quick Hits: Sutherland Springs, Flying Taxis and New Puppies
Church leaders want to turn the site of the Texas shooting into a memorial, UBER partners with NASA on flying taxis and a man is overcome with emotion when he meets his new puppy... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Police Help Elderly Pickpocket Victim
When thieves stole the wallet of a 91-year-old shopping for groceries, one policewoman went above and beyond to help. And luckily for us, the whole event was captured on bodycam.
Top 30 Celebrates Heroes: 96-Year-Old Takes Flight Again
Top 30 Celebrates #VeteransDay: It's been 70 years, but 96-year-old veteran Bob Brocklehurst hopped right back into the cockpit of the P-51 fighter-bomber as if not even a day had passed.
Top 30 Celebrates Heroes: Purple Hearts and Other Honors
Top 30 Celebrates #VeteransDay: Beyond our gratitude, medals and memorials are concrete ways veterans can be honored - and organizations like Purple Hearts Reunited and the Honor Flights Network are helping to make sure those honors go off without a hitch