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Explore the most entertaining great local stories videos on Top30.
The Happiest City in America
A new study looked at 28 factors of happiness to rank the 182 happiest cities in America, did yours make the list?
Nausea, Makeup and Pizza: Need to Know with Danielle Knox
Which everyday item will make your dog sick? What motivates people more than cash? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.
Using Amazon Prime to the Fullest: A Save Me Steve Report
This week, Fox 4's Save Me Steve reveals some of the ways that Amazon shoppers are not taking full advantage of their Prime memberships.
Emotional Scavenger Hunt Ends in Adoption
It's been 7 years since Jacob Thrasher first met the little girl that would become his step-daughter... that girl is now nine, and she's just sent Jacob on an emotional scavenger hunt you'll never forget.
Mom Teaches Kids a Lesson About Bullying
When one Ontario mom learned that her son had been disrespectful to the school bus driver, she had no choice but to teach her kids a lesson.
Incredible Teen Works to End Homelessness
On any given night, there are more than 554,000 homeless Americans sleeping on the street... now one San Diego teen is doing his part to help bring that number down.
Oh, Oprah!: A Jason Show Report
Oprah Winfrey has been making the rounds as she promotes her new filmA Wrinkle in Time, and now, Jason Matheson oThe Jason Show tells us about one unique household item that's been revealed as one of her "favorite things."
11,000 Students Accepted to College By Mistake
What's worse than not being accepted to your dream college? Being told that you've gotten in by mistake.
Selfless Waffle House Server Sees Return on Kindness
After selfless server Evoni Williams helped an elderly diner at a Waffle House, karma paid her back in a major way.
Students Stage National Walkout for Parkland
Students are sending a message to lawmakers on the one-month anniversary of the #Parkland shooting, but not all schools are encouraging the activism. Top 30 discusses March 14th's National Walkout.
A Moo-ving Promposal: A Fox 29 Report
It's not enough to just ask someone to prom anymore, Fox 29's Mike Jerrick reveals an incredible Chick-Fil-A-themed promposals that's just set the bar pretty high for the 2018 prom season.
Off to the Races: A Fox 26 Report
As we make our way towards the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, Coco Dominguez Fox 26 of FOX 26 Houston takes us onto the track to see how Houston celebrates racing season.
Burgers, Dads and Socks: Need to Know with Danielle Knox
Will looking like your dad make you healthier? Which item of clothing helps you fall asleep? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.
Dementia Patients Have a Place to Call Home
A one-of-a-kind community is opening in Canada that aims to give dementia patients a dignified sense of independence. Take your first look inside The Village Langley.
Home and Houseware: A Save Me Steve Report
This week, Fox 4's Save Me Steve is previewing some of the household appliances you'll want to keep an eye on out of Chicago's Home and Houseware Show.