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Early Detection: A Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee (Full Interview)
Celebrity Chef, Sandra Lee is here to talk about her new HBO documentary: “Early Detection: A Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee.” What she says, YOU can do to make screenings more available.
Man Released from Prison for his Golf Paintings
Valentino Dixon spent 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was recently released last week due to...his golf paintings? Click the video to find out more on this crazy story!
Do You Look Like Your Dog?
Check out these portraits of human-dog couplings by photographer @gezgethings!
Spreading Happiness With Laughter Yoga
Exercise has proven to make a person happier but if you’re not into workouts, this type of yoga can certainly give you endorphins! It’s very easy to practice… Kristin Smith explains the process!
Son Reunites Parents Who Gave Him Up For Adoption
This story is like straight out a fairy tale… it proves that when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!
Autistic Boy Sings ‘Hallelujah’ To Honor Fredericton Shooting Victims
12-year-old Joshua Cochrane’s video of him singing ‘Hallelujah’ to the victims of Fredericton has gone viral. He says he believes music is a powerful tool for healing and was motivated to even alter the lyrics for the cops who died in the shooting.
A Homeless Man's Unique Sign Helped Turn His Life Around!
Instead of asking for money, a homeless man stood on the street with a sign that said "Homeless- Hungry for success- Take a resume." A woman who was passing by tweeted a photo of him and his resume leading him to land multiple job interviews!
Amazing Woman Feeds 5,000 Kids For Free!
Mike Jerrick from FOX 29 tells the story of Nina Young, an inspiring woman who paired up with different organizations to feed 5,000 kids!
A Wounded Puppy Experiences A Miraculous Rescue!
The fate of this injured puppy changed when he was spotted by a biker... it was like a miracle!
A Man Walks 20 Miles To Work & His Boss' Reaction Is Priceless
One dedicated employee who walked 20 miles to work got the surprise of a lifetime and you won’t believe his reaction!
Mother Of 7 Feeds The Kids In Her Neighborhood
A mother of 7 is being called a hero for spending her summer giving out free lunches to the kids in her neighborhood. She says parents rely on free school lunches and are struggling to feed their kids while they're on break.
Young Girl With No Legs Gets The Gift Of A Lifetime
8-year-old Maya Merhi used old tubing and tin cans as makeshift limbs. But the gift she just received will change her life forever.
Autistic Teen Gets A Perfect Score On Standardized Math Test
A Texas boy with autism scored perfectly on a standardized math test. His mother reveals how his 13-year-old son has polished his math skills over time.
Rustic Chic: Barnyard Weddings on the Rise
As the average cost of weddings has continued to rise, millennials have found a chic new way to say "I do."
The Danger of an Expensive Wedding
If you're afraid your marriage wasn't built to last, your wedding day may hold some clues.