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Royal Watch: Who Needs a Monarchy, Anyway?
Arthur Edwards is speaking from Norway, as he and Richard discuss whether or not the United Kingdom even needs a Royal Family anymore. What's your take?
Netflix Making Visual Impressions
Ever judge a Netflix TV show or movie based on its poster? That's what Netflix is hoping you'll do.
Coldplay and Guns N' Roses Make History
After an impressive 2017, Coldplay and Guns N' Roses have joined U2 and the Rolling Stones in an exclusive musical club!
It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: A Jason Show Report
Sully, Captain Phillips, Walt Disney, Jim Lovell, Charlie Wilson... Tom Hanks has played many real life figures, but Jason Matheson of the Jason Show on FOX 9 reveals which new role Hanks will soon add to that list.
Appear in a Super Bowl Ad
Want to appear in a Super Bowl ad? We'll show you how you can still appear in Kraft's Game Day commercial. #FamilyGreatly #KraftEntry
Michelangelo Meets Michelangelo
One's an artist who created the statue David, the other's a turtle that loves pizza, now two very different Michelangelos have come face-to-face.
If You Build it, They Will Come
Fans of 1989's "Field of Dreams" are rallying together after the classic field was vandalized.
50 Cent Earns Millions on Bitcoin
50 Cent says he's proud of himself, well you'd be be pretty proud of yourself too if you just learned how much those 700 bitcoin you earned in 2014 are now worth.... it's a lot!
Oscar Nominated Actresses Team up for Equal Pay
Octavia Spencer has revealed "The Help" she received from Jessica Chastain as the two negotiated fair pay for their upcoming buddy comedy. #TimesUp
Royal Watch: The Wedding Shuffle
Will another royal be forced to postpone their wedding to make way for Harry and Meghan? Arthur Edwards chats with Richard about this and more on this week's Top 30 Royal Watch!
Earworms: The Songs You Can't Get Out of Your Head
"Don't Stop Believing," "Gangnam Style," "Bohemian Rhapsody," there are some songs that, once in there, you just can't get out of your head.
Musical Legends without Grammys
Barack Obama, the Baha Men, and even Elmo have won Grammy Awards, but you'll never guess which musical legends don't.
Pablo Escobar's Submarine
Former CIA agents believe they have found the location of a submarine that Pablo Escobar used to smuggle drugs.
Styles, Harry Styles: A Jason Show Report
Who should replace Daniel Craig as the world famous spy, James Bond? Jason Matheson of the Jason Show on Fox 9 checks in to tell us about the ex-member of famous boy band who may soon hop from the stage into the Aston Martin.
Couple Recounts Virtual Courtship
Before there were Tinder or Bumble, one couple found love through Neopets.