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Heartbreak Hotel: Elvis Presley's Divorce Papers
On the 61st anniversary of Elvis' first film role in "Love Me Tender," here's another bit of show business history... the King's divorce papers have fetched $26,000 at auction. Top 30 has a look at the 1973 settlement between Elvis and Priscilla Presle
Quick Hits: Earthquake, Bob Dylan and a Dog's Goodbye
A 7.3 earthquake strikes the border between #Iraq and #Iran, a guitar once owned by #BobDylan sells for nearly $400K at auction, and nurses sneak a dog into the hospital for an emotion goodbye with its owner... these are your Top 30​ Quick Hits.
Disneyland's Legionnaires Scares
Reasons to go to Disneyland: The rides, the magic, the fact it's the happiest place on earth Reason NOT to go to Disneyland: the 9 cases of legionnaires' disease attendees have contracted
KFC Honors Twitter Sleuth with Portrait
What could possibly be the reason that #KFC commissioned a large painting of a customer riding piggyback on #ColonelSanders while waving a drumstick? Top 30​ has the answer. #GiddyUpColonerl
Louis CK: Shameless
Following allegations of sexual misconduct directed at Louis CK, the comedian has been dropped by HBO, his movie has been scrapped and he has just admitted to all of it. Here is the full story of the comedian's downfall.
Royal Watch: Prince Charles and the Orangutan
The Sun's Arthur Edwards is back in London as he chats with Richard about Prince Charles Rain Forest run-in with an orangutan and Kate Middleton's call to protect the mental health of students.... it's all in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.
"All the Money in the World" Won't Save Kevin Spacey
In an unprecedented move, Ridley Scott and the team behind "All the Money in the World" have decided to replace Kevin Spacey in the already completed film, while keeping it's December 22 release date.
Top 30 Celebrates Heroes: Helping Veterans with Technology
Top 30 Celebrates #VeteransDay: Advancements in technology can help make veterans' lives easier as they return to civilian life, especiall through: • Virtual Reality, which can't erase the past, but can help vets deal with it • And Home innovation, a
The Weinstein Effect: Bryan Singer Accusations Resurface
As accusations of sexual impropriety swirl around #HarveyWeinstein, #KevinSpacey and others in Hollywood, actress #JessicaChastain is reminding the world of the forgotten allegations leveled against director #BryanSinger in 2014.
Quick Hits: Texas Shooter, Tweets and Britney Spears
The extended criminal history of the Texas shooter comes to light, Twitter doubles the length of tweets for all users, and Britney Spears auctions off her artwork to someone with a lifestyle of the rich and famous... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Your Page Six TV Fix: November 8, 2017
Carlos Greer stops by to chat with Kristin about all things Real Housewives, including the latest on Camille Grammar and Teresa Giudice... it's all in this week's Page Six TV fix!
Bingers Beware: The Netflix E-Mail Scam
When Netflix​ prompts you to play the next episode of #StrangerThings, #TheCrown or #HouseOfCards, press yes. When #Netflix sends you an email saying your account will be suspended if you don't give them your personal info, don't press anything.... it's a
TV Writers Rooms Still Lack Diversity
Can TV shows tell diverse stories when their writers aren't? A new study of some 3,800 TV writers has found that less than 5% are black.
Quick Hits: Weinstein's Agents and an Uber Robbery
New reports suggest that Harvey Weinstein hired former Mossad agents to spy on and pressure his accuers, and a passenger is caught on tape stealing from her Uber-driver's tip jar... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
YouTube Kids Not So Kid-Friendly
YouTube Kids was meant to serve as a family-friendly alternative to the popular video site. That didn't stop inappropriate videos of strippers and killings from sneaking past the parental filters. Oops!