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Top 30: Trending Now (September 12, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup, Beth Mowins​ becomes the first woman to call a nationally-televised NFL​ game, Jared Leto​ makes himself blind for his role in Blade Runner 2049​, and a first responder goes viral after saving an American Flag from afte
Top 30: An Oktoberfest Gift from Adidas
#Top30: In anticipation of Oktoberfest, Adidas has created a new brand of sneakers that can repel beer, so spill away!
Top 30: Jesus Battles Buddha in New Video Game
#Top30: The new video game “Fight of Gods” pits deities from different religion, like #Jesus and #Buddha, against each other in battle - is it in poor taste, or is it all in good fun?
Top 30: Trending Now (September 11, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup, Delta pays $4,000 for a seat, Rafael Nadal wins the U.S. Open, It makes a killing at the box office, and Stranger Things and Steve Bannon leave their marks on weekend television.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 1, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup: • Pittsburgh airport to allow non-flyers through security • Student accidentally given $1 million in financial aid • LaMelo Ball becomes first high school student to land signature shoe • HBO announces new season of
Top 30: Chloe Bennet - AGENT of E.Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y.
#Top30: Chloe Bennet of Agents of SHIELD discusses the pressures in Hollywood that led her to change her Chinese last name to Bennet.
Top 30: Suin' to the Oldies
#Top30: A judge has dismissed Richard Simmons' defamation suit against the National Enquirer and Radar after the two publications claimed Simmons was transgender.
Top 30: Why We Fear Clowns
#Top30: Do you have an irrational fear of clowns? A Harvard psychiatrist may have figured out why.
Top 30: Snoop, Martha and a Pottery Wheel
#Top30: Promoting the new season of their show, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart recreated the classic pottery wheel scene from Ghost. But which had more heat, the original or this one?
Top 30: Leah Remini Reveals Scientology Secret
#Top30: Leah Remini reveals that she was pressured to try and recruit former King of Queens co-star Kevin James to the Church of Scientology.
Top 30: Disney Apologizes to Wannabe Princess
#Top30: Disney has offered an apology after denying their “Princess for a day” makeover to young boy fascinated by Frozen's Elsa.
Top 30 Interview: Gospel Hero Lifts Spirts in Houston
In an exclusive interview you will only see on Top 30, Kristin Smith talks with Victoria White, a gospel singer who lifted spirits at a Hurricane Harvey shelter when she broke out into song. Victoria talks about her experiences helping out in Texas and
Top 30: Trending Now (August 30, 2017)
#Top30: In today's trending roundup: • Target launches their own brand of wine • Best Buy is caught selling $42 cases of watter in Texas • The FBI is seeking to women who robbed a bank dressed as nuns • Taylor Swift breaks multiple YouTube records wit
Top 30: Rubik's Legal Puzzle
#Top30: Rubik's Cube is suying a rival toy company for a copycat puzzle game, the "Quick Cube."
Top 30: Celebrities Donate to Harvey
#Top30: Sandra Bullock, J.J. Watt, Kevin Hart and the Kardashians lead a long list of celebrities contributing to the relief efforts in Texas and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.