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Quick Hits: Keystone, Tesla and Luke Skywalker
The Keystone Pipeline leaks more than 200K gallons of oil, Tesla unveils their electric semi-truck, and Mark Hamill surprises Star Wars fans at Disneyland.... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Titanic Returns to Theaters After 20 Years
Jack, Rose, and the Iceberg are returning to theaters on December 1 to celebrate Titanic's 20th anniversary. Which other 1997 movie should return to theaters for a similar celebration? Men in Black? Liar Liar? Good Will Hunting? Air Force One?
Giant of the Senate: Al Franken Faces Allegations
"I respect women. I don't respect men who don't." So says Minnesota Senator Al Franken as he becomes the latest powerful figure to be at the receiving end of sexual misconduct allegations.
Royal Watch: Prince Harry's Beard
The Sun's Arthur Edwards chats with Richard about Prince William's struggle with fatherhood and Prince Harry's controversial beard.... it's all in this week's Top 30 Royal Watch.
DaVinci Painting Fetches $450 Million
A Leonardo Da Vinci painting has just become the most expensive painting ever auctioned, but is it even real?
Superhero Dad Creates Comic Book for Son
Not all heroes wear capes. When Chip couldn't find a comic book character for his son with Down Syndrome to relate to, he decided to simply create a comic book hero in his son's image.
Obama: An Intimate Portrait
During Barack Obama‚Äč's 8 years in office, photographer #PeteSouza took more than 2 million photos. Now, in his new book, Souza shows some of the most tense, emotional and memorable snapshots from #Obama's Presidency.
Top 30 Hometown: Dallas and Hollywood
In today's Hometown Stories... • From Fox 4, veterans were surprised with cars at this year's Sky Ball. • And From Fox 11, hundreds of homeless students visited Universal Studios as part of the annual "Day of Giving." For more inspirational local s
Quick Hits: UCLA BBall, Pope's Lambo and Drake
Three UCLA basketball players arrested in China for shoplifting have been indefinitely suspended from the team, Pope Francis gets a special-edition white Lamborghini, and Drake calls out a handsy fan... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Running Towards the Danger of War: The NatGeo Minute
"There are folks that run away from the sound of battle, and there are folks that run towards the noise of the guns." In this week's NatGeo minute, meet the survivors of 2004's "Black Sunday" ambush in Baghdad who now serve as technical supervisors on the
Taylor Swift's fans were "Ready for it"
It's been a week since Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation, was released, and it's already breaking records.... records that were set by Taylor herself.
Barbie's Shero Line Adds Hijab-Wearing Olympian
Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first woman to compete in the Olympics wearing a hijab, now she is the latest in a line on inspirational women to be immortalized in Barbie's Shero line of dolls that pay tribute to great female heroes.
Your Page Six TV Fix: November 15, 2017
Carlos Greer stops by to chat with Kristin about Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon's new project, Martha Stewart's run-in with a Real Househusband, and Drake's Harry Potter-related search... it's all in this week's Page Six TV fix!
Washington D.C.'s Creep List
In the wake of rampant harassment allegations throughout Hollywood, a "Burn Book" is going around our nation's Capitol of sexist politicians who prey on female lawmakers and staffers.
Cord Cutters' Top Streaming Choices
With more cord-cutters than ever leaving traditional TV behind for internet-based programming, there are now some 200 major streaming services competing for their attention, but which reign supreme?