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Top 30: Royal Watch (September 22, 2017)
#Top30: Looking for your fix of The Royal Family​ as you make your way through the weekend, here's the latest from Buckingham Palace​ from The Sun​'s Arthur Edwards.
Top 30: The Greatest Living Business Minds
#Top30: From Warren Buffett to Bono, Sheryl Sandberg to Russell Simmons, Forbes has released their list of the 100 greatest living business minds. Did your favorite make the cut?
Top 30: Trending Now (September 22, 2017)
Scientists have created an antibody that could lead to the prevention of HIV, HGTV viewers were interrupted by an ominous message about the end of the world, Fantasia serenades a paralyzed man in the hospital in today's #Top30 Trending Roundup.
Top 30: They'll Be Back for "Terminator"
#Top30: 26 years after Terminator 2 (T2)​, Arnold Schwarzenegger​, Linda Hamilton​ and James Cameron​ are reuniting for a sequel - and in the process, ignoring the three T2 sequels that have already come. Will you be back for the new project, or is it "Ha
Top 30: Trending Now (September 21, 2017)
A young girl is hospitalized after being hit by a foul ball, Lawrence O'Donnell apologizes after a behind-the-scenes rant surfaces online, and a European vacation goes viral following a very unique travel video, all in today's #Top30 trending roundup.
Top 30: Is Rotten Tomatoes to Blame?
#Top30: The 2017 Summer Box Office was one of the worst in history, down some 15% from the 2016 season. What's to blame? Ticket prices? Bad Movies? Game of Thrones​? Well, many in Hollywood are blaming the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes​ for putting
Top 30: Wunderkind Takes Fashion Week
#Top30: Kheris Rogers is the youngest designer to ever show a line in New York Fashion Week. Kristin Smith talks with the fashion wunderkind about the experience, her famous fans and her inspirational story.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 19, 2017)
Oscar Pistorius's prison sentence, Eli Manning's delay of game penalty and Beyonce fans are disappointed to hear a punk band when they played their new Lemonade album, all in today's #Top30 trending roundup.
Top 30: And the Emmys Went To...
#Top30: In a night heavy on politics, the Emmys / Television Academy​ handed out awards to the likes of Donald Glover​ and The Handmaid's Tale​, showing the changing face of the television landscape and the creative minds behind it.
Top 30: Game of Thrones Builds Wall Against Spoilers
#Top30: In an effort to avoid leaks or spoilers, the producers of “Game of Thrones” will film multiple endings for the show’s upcoming series finale.
Top 30: American Hole Story
#Top30: This season of American Horror Story is mining scares from cults, clowns and Trump, but its ads have been triggering anxiety in countless sufferers of trypophobia - the fear of holes.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 15, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup: The Cassini crashes into Saturn, Ben Shapiro's Berkley appearance leads to arrests but no violence, Lady Gaga is hospitalized and what's stranger than one woman giving birth in a Burger King parking lot? Two women givin
Top 30: Presidential Book Club
#Top30: In the wake of Hillary Clinton's new book "What Happened," new data has been released that ranks the memoirs of Presidential candidates based on how many people actually finished them once they started. Whose book do you think most people stuck wi
Top 30: The Return of the J.J.
#Top30: It's been a bumpy few months for directors at Lucasfilm​, with Lord and Miller being removed from the Han Solo spinoff and Colin Trevorrow being taken off Episode IX, but does the announcement that J. J. Abrams​ is back in the director's chair mea
Top 30: Trending Now (September 13, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup: The U.S. Coast Guard​ rescues a sinking fishing vessel, AMC​ is developing a series based on a book about Black Lives Matter​, Gay Rights pioneer Edith Windsor​ has died, and the Cleveland Indians​ have tied the America