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Explore the most entertaining business news videos on Top30.
A Train With Detachable Wings?
A company based in France is working on a prototype for a train-like tube that can transform into a plane. The goal is to clear up traffic at airports.
"We Were Duped": Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Sarah Palin
Has Sacha Baron Cohen finally gone too far? Gianno Caldwell stops by Top 30 to discuss how the comedian "duped" Sarah Palin.
Why You'll Be Paying More On Student Loans
Interest rates are rising. What will the impact be on borrowers?
Beware Of This New Scam!
Here are a few things you should look out for when buying a gift card.
Can't Afford a Vacation? Take out a Loan
People take out loans all the time for homes, cars, and school... but a new reason for taking out credit is raising eyebrows.
Rustic Chic: Barnyard Weddings on the Rise
As the average cost of weddings has continued to rise, millennials have found a chic new way to say "I do."
Top 30 Health Roundup
Are E-Cig flavors dangerous? This story and others in today's Top 30 Health Roundup.
Online Shopping Damaging Environment
Could all of your online shopping be killing the environment?
Healing the Hidden Wounds of War
Veterans face many challenges once they return home, now one organization is helping to heal those hidden wounds of war. Mike Jerrick of Fox 29 has more.
Restaurant Shines Light on Instagram Table
Who cares about how the food tastes, as long as the photo looks good.
The Baby-Sitters Club
After you hear the average hourly rate for a baby-sitter in America, you might be considering a career change.
Curbing Impulse Shopping: A Curiosity Report
The cost of making impulse buys can add up very quickly, so Cody Gough is here with some tips to save you money on things you probably didn't need in the first place.
To Travel or Not To Travel This Summer
The good news: about half of Americans will go on vacation this summer. The bad news: about half of Americans won't!
The Lotto Curse: Keeping up with the Joneses
Many believe in a lotto curse, but no one expected it would actually affect the neighbors of lotto winners.
A Galaxy Not so Far Away: Star Wars Comes to Disneyland
Whether you call it "Star Wars Land" or "Galaxy's Edge," big changes are coming to Disneyland and Disney World. Jason Matheson has more.