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Barbie's Shero Line Adds Hijab-Wearing Olympian
Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first woman to compete in the Olympics wearing a hijab, now she is the latest in a line on inspirational women to be immortalized in Barbie's Shero line of dolls that pay tribute to great female heroes.
iPhone X Face ID Hacked?
It's been less than two weeks since the iPhone X was released, and a team from Vietnam say that using tape, a 3-D printer and a fake nose, they have been able to defeat the phone's Face ID.
Cord Cutters' Top Streaming Choices
With more cord-cutters than ever leaving traditional TV behind for internet-based programming, there are now some 200 major streaming services competing for their attention, but which reign supreme?
New Guidelines Mean Everyone Has High Blood Pressure
The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology have issued new qualifications for high blood pressure, which means that there's now a nearly 50-50 chance you actually have hypertension.
Top 30 Deals: Nourish Your Skin
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says if you want pretty skin, you need to nourish it - too bad your body only provides some of those nutrients. That's why we're offering the Ruby Collection Skincare Kit at a 76% discount to help revitalize your
1.9 Billion Online Passwords Stolen
A new study by #Google and #Berkeley suggests 1.9 billion usernames and passwords are for sale on the blackmarket, and because people rarely change their logins from site to site, it's become easier than ever to hack into users' accounts online.
Disneyland's Legionnaires Scares
Reasons to go to Disneyland: The rides, the magic, the fact it's the happiest place on earth Reason NOT to go to Disneyland: the 9 cases of legionnaires' disease attendees have contracted
Get Rid of your Social Security Number
After the privacy nightmares that were the Yahoo and Equifax data breaches, millions were left vulnerable. So what can we do to prevent further damage? Many business and political minds say the answer is to get rid of our social security numbers.
KFC Honors Twitter Sleuth with Portrait
What could possibly be the reason that #KFC commissioned a large painting of a customer riding piggyback on #ColonelSanders while waving a drumstick? Top 30‚Äč has the answer. #GiddyUpColonerl
Ex-Facebook President Warns of the Dangers of Facebook
"God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains... it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other." That's just a taste of what Sean Parker had to say about the dangers of Facebook, the company he used to be President of
Top 30 Deals: Look as Young as you Feel
Studies suggest that you feel 13 years younger than you actually are. So why not look that way too? That's why we're offering a huge discount to Top 30 viewers on the Dynamic Innovation Labs Instant Eye Lift Syringe to fight lines and tighten skin. Fo
Quick Hits: Sutherland Springs, Flying Taxis and New Puppies
Church leaders want to turn the site of the Texas shooting into a memorial, UBER partners with NASA on flying taxis and a man is overcome with emotion when he meets his new puppy... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
TSA Fails to Find Weapons
Want to hear something terrifying? An undercover operation by Homeland Security has revealed that the TSA failed to identify more than 70% of fake guns, knives and explosives that their agents snuck into airports.... so, happy travels.
"All the Money in the World" Won't Save Kevin Spacey
In an unprecedented move, Ridley Scott and the team behind "All the Money in the World" have decided to replace Kevin Spacey in the already completed film, while keeping it's December 22 release date.
Top 30 Celebrates Heroes: Purple Hearts and Other Honors
Top 30 Celebrates #VeteransDay: Beyond our gratitude, medals and memorials are concrete ways veterans can be honored - and organizations like Purple Hearts Reunited and the Honor Flights Network are helping to make sure those honors go off without a hitch