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A Homeless Man's Unique Sign Helped Turn His Life Around!
Instead of asking for money, a homeless man stood on the street with a sign that said "Homeless- Hungry for success- Take a resume." A woman who was passing by tweeted a photo of him and his resume leading him to land multiple job interviews!
License Plates Are Going Digital!
The features of the new digital license plates may save you time and even money! But, why are privacy groups concerned?
Attorney Mari Henderson's Tips To Prevent Home Repair Fraud
Attorney and legal analyst Mari Henderson shares her advice for homeowners who have been victims of home repair frauds! What should you look at when signing a contract? What are the rights of a homeowner? Watch the video to find out!
The Top 10 On The Instagram Rich List
Instagram is the place where many people go to share pictures and videos with friends and family. But some celebrities are posting pics and cashing in! Hopper H-Q has revealed how much celebs get paid for their sponsored posts... Here are the top 10!
Burberry Sets Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Clothes On Fire!
Find out why luxury brand Burberry burned more than $35 million worth of unsold clothes!
Things You Should Be Buying With A Credit Card
Financial expert Nicole Lapin details what items are better to buy with a credit card and gives out great tips to use during tax season!
What Made MGM Sue The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting?
Brian Unger shares his opinion on the MGM lawsuit against the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Find out why he says MGM is 'shopping for judges.' Also, what's the worst question you've been asked during a job interview? And check out the viral picture o
A Train With Detachable Wings?
A company based in France is working on a prototype for a train-like tube that can transform into a plane. The goal is to clear up traffic at airports.
"We Were Duped": Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Sarah Palin
Has Sacha Baron Cohen finally gone too far? Gianno Caldwell stops by Top 30 to discuss how the comedian "duped" Sarah Palin.
Why You'll Be Paying More On Student Loans
Interest rates are rising. What will the impact be on borrowers?
Beware Of This New Scam!
Here are a few things you should look out for when buying a gift card.
Can't Afford a Vacation? Take out a Loan
People take out loans all the time for homes, cars, and school... but a new reason for taking out credit is raising eyebrows.
Rustic Chic: Barnyard Weddings on the Rise
As the average cost of weddings has continued to rise, millennials have found a chic new way to say "I do."
Top 30 Health Roundup
Are E-Cig flavors dangerous? This story and others in today's Top 30 Health Roundup.
Online Shopping Damaging Environment
Could all of your online shopping be killing the environment?