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Top 30: Immigration Controversy at Motel 6
#Top30: Two Motel 6 locations in Arizona have come under fire for allegedly sending daily reports to immigration officials about potential illegal immigrants staying in their rooms. Top 30 co-host Richard Bacon discusses the controversial actions with
Top 30: The Fyre Festival of Pizza
#Top30: In what's being called the "Fyre Festival of Pizza," a group of New Yorkers were expecting slices and slices of great pizza after spending $75 for their tickets. What they got were small bites of cold pizza that ran late. The New York Attorney Gen
Top 30: Rise of the AI Babies
#Top30: Meet Baby X, it looks, acts and sounds like a real baby...it's also the future of human computing.
Top 30: Footballs of the Future
#Top30: The NFL has inserted data-collecting microchips into the footballs in order to mine statistics about the ball’s movement during play.
Top 30: Delivery Drones Can't Fly Too High
#Top30: While food, beer and wine are still on the table, new regulations in California will prohibit drones from delivering marijuana directly to consumers' doorsteps.
Top 30: AI Uses Photos to Determine Sexuality
#Top30: With more than 75% accuracy, new A.I. can tell if people are gay or straight based on nothing more than a photo. Is this a step forward for tech or a step backwards for social justice?
Top 30: Avocado Prices on the Rise
#Top30: Is this the end of brunch? A new report suggests the price of avocados could skyrocket depending on the renegotiation of NAFTA.
Top 30: Pizza First, Safety Second
#Top30: A Pizza Hut in Florida is under fire for issuing a amemo to employees threatening them if they were to evacuate too early for Hurricane Irma.
Top 30: An Oktoberfest Gift from Adidas
#Top30: In anticipation of Oktoberfest, Adidas has created a new brand of sneakers that can repel beer, so spill away!
Top 30: Trending Now (September 11, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup, Delta pays $4,000 for a seat, Rafael Nadal wins the U.S. Open, It makes a killing at the box office, and Stranger Things and Steve Bannon leave their marks on weekend television.
Top 30: The End of the Gas Guzzler?
#Top30: Jaguar Land Rover has announced that all of their vehicles will be electrified by 2020. Is this the beginning of the end for gas guzzling cars?
Top 30: So close you'll feel like a Clipper
#Top30: The LA Clippers have introduced new “Star Courtside” seats - 8 seats right next to the player’s benches. What team would you be willing to pay that kind of money for?
Top 30: $20 Million Shoplifting Ring Brought to End
#Top30: Authorities have arrested a dozen people connected to a shoplifting ring that has stolen more than $20 million in merchandise over the last decade.
Top 30: Unemployment up and Wages Flat
#Top30: Is the Trump Bump hitting a slump? New Jobs report shows that unemployment is up to 4.4% and wages are flat.
Top 30: Trending Now (September 1, 2017)
In today's #Top30 Trending Roundup: • Pittsburgh airport to allow non-flyers through security • Student accidentally given $1 million in financial aid • LaMelo Ball becomes first high school student to land signature shoe • HBO announces new season of