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Explore the most entertaining business news videos on Top30.
America's Leftover Food Problem
New studies by the #NRDC suggest a quarter of food-based garbage comes from leftovers, so with #Thanksgiving around the corner, make sure your food doesn't go to waste.
Quick Hits: Keystone, Tesla and Luke Skywalker
The Keystone Pipeline leaks more than 200K gallons of oil, Tesla unveils their electric semi-truck, and Mark Hamill surprises Star Wars fans at Disneyland.... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Titanic Returns to Theaters After 20 Years
Jack, Rose, and the Iceberg are returning to theaters on December 1 to celebrate Titanic's 20th anniversary. Which other 1997 movie should return to theaters for a similar celebration? Men in Black? Liar Liar? Good Will Hunting? Air Force One?
House Republican Pass Tax Plan
With a 227-205 vote mostly along party lines, House Republicans passed their major tax reform plan: here's what you need to know. For more on the biggest news out our nation's capitol, check your local listings for new episodes of Top 30​!
FCC Looks to End Scams and Robocalls
Hate all the annoying robocalls you receive on your phone? The FCC has issued new rules that will hopefully mark an end to the scams.
DaVinci Painting Fetches $450 Million
A Leonardo Da Vinci painting has just become the most expensive painting ever auctioned, but is it even real?
Airlines Keep Losing Your Luggage
It's always been true that airlines lose luggage, only now, because of the electronic loophole, they may not be reporting it.
Top 30 Deals: Improve Your Skin
Studies out of Johns Hopkins Medicine​ suggest light therapy leads to improved skin. That's why we're offering a special deal to Top 30​ viewers on the Truly Clear 2 Light Therapy Device, which focuses highly effective light beams to reduce the appearance
Tiny Homes Help with Disaster Relief
The Problem? Many have been displaced from their homes following a series of natural disasters. The Solution? Tiny and pre-fabricated homes that provide affordable and temporary housing.
Floating: Startup Nation Setting Sail by 2020?
In an effort to create a startup country free from politicians, the world's first floating nation could pop-up off the coast of Tahiti by the year 2020. Would you be interested in calling the "floating island project" your home?
Curing Opioid Addiction: WSJ Moving Upstream
President Trump has declared opioid use a public health emergency, but new research may have found an option of saving lives. The Wall Street Journal's Jason Bellini has more in this week's Moving Upstream report.
American Workers Don't Get Pay Raises
How much money do you earn? Chances are it's the same as last year, because a majority of American workers have not seen a raise in the last 12 months.
Quick Hits: UCLA BBall, Pope's Lambo and Drake
Three UCLA basketball players arrested in China for shoplifting have been indefinitely suspended from the team, Pope Francis gets a special-edition white Lamborghini, and Drake calls out a handsy fan... these are your Top 30 Quick Hits.
Hospitals Running Out of IV Bags
Thanks to damage caused by Hurricane Maria and an investigation into faulty products, medical supply companies are struggling to meet hospital's demands for an essential product.
Taylor Swift's fans were "Ready for it"
It's been a week since Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation, was released, and it's already breaking records.... records that were set by Taylor herself.