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The NBA's Most Wanted
It's no surprise the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavs were the teams with the best-selling merchandise in 2017, but any guesses which individual players had the most-wanted jersey?
Americans Spending More Time On the Job
As unemployment hits a 17-year-low, American workers are working more hours each week than they have in decades.
Refugees Serve Up Authentic Cuisine
A New York catering company wanted authentic dishes from around the world, so they went to the source, hiring only refugees.
How Cars Get Their Names
What natural phenomena inspires Volkswagen's vehicles? How does Mustang differ from Ford's other rides? Top 30 breaks down the naming conventions that have given us some of the classic car names we know and drive today.
The Psychology of Grocery Stores
Never go in on an empty stomach...Be careful of samples...Grocery stores have a number of methods to tap into shoppers' minds to encourage more buying. Top 30 breaks down the things you need to watch out for.
Number of Uninsured Americans on the Rise
In 2017, a year capped by the repeal of the Individual Mandate that had required all Americans have health insurance or face a fine, the number of uninsured Americans rose by some 3.2 million.
Consumer Warning: Nationwide Ice Cream Recall
#RecalAlert: Fieldbrook Foods is voluntarily recalling ice cream bars made in 2017 due to health concerns. For more on the recalled ice cream and where you may find it, here's more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/01/12/ice-cream-bars-recall
The Rent is Too High
Americans spent $485 Billion on rent in 2017, yet being a renter might still be a better option than becoming a homeowner.
Parents Saying "Yes" to Yes Days
More and more parents are trying their hands at "yes" days, days where kids will never hear "no" as an answer...within reason that is. Good idea or bad parenting?
The Future of Weekly Marketing Mailers
Ignoring the advent of the internet, and regardless of whether we read them or throw them out, weekly marketing mailers continue to find their way into our mailboxes, a fact which won't change anytime soon.
Top 30 Deals: Mist Scrubbers and Skin Cleansing
Microdermabrasion treatments can leave the skin brighter and smoother, that's why we're offering a special deal to all Top 30 viewers on the 2 Face Mist Scrubber & Facial Infuser, which will exfoliate your face and remove any dirt from your skin. For t
The Dangers of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality headsets can transport users to worlds real and imaginary, but that freedom doesn't come without some serious health risks.
Airplane Trends that Failed to Take Off
On-board gyms, disco parties during red eye flights, here are some of the failed airline trends that never made it off the ground.
America's Most Exciting Food Cities
Atlanta and Chicago make the Top 10, New York doesn't. Who do you think Zagat has named the most exciting food city in America?
Sticking to your New Year's Resolutions
How's your New Year's Resolution going? Have you stuck with it, or are you one of the 80% who won't make it to Mid-February? Top 30's here to help you succeed.