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Explore the most entertaining business news videos on Top30.
The Tooth Fairy Pays Up: A Curiosity Report
How much is the tooth fairy paying up these day? Cody Gough of the Curiosity podcast reveals that it's probably more than you found underneath your pillow.
iPal: The Robot Companion for Lonely Children
Worried your son or daughter doesn't have enough human friends? Maybe your should invest in a companion robot.
What Your Kids See Online and Other Things You Need to Know
Get those parental blockers ready, you'll never guess what your kids are being exposed to online. Danielle Knox has this story and others you need to know.
Millennials go Broke Trying to Stay in Shape
Is a perfectly in-shape body worth it if you spend all your money trying to attain it?
The Effects of Rising Interest Rates
Your credit card debt just got more expensive.
Crash Test Ratings Released
The IIHS has released their most recent front crash test ratings: Which cars performed best? Which performed worst?
Healthcare's Me Too Moment
10% of healthcare workers experience sexual harassment, but who's to blame?
Hit Reset with a Jobbymoon
Do you need a Jobbymoon? More importantly, what is a Jobbymoon?
Keeping Your Data Safe While you Swipe
In an age marked by dating apps and data breaches, what do you value more, finding love or keeping your data protected?
99-Year-Old Making Clothes for Puerto Rico
Martha Heft is 99 years old, but that's not stopping her from making sure the children of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico have the clothes they need.
The New Most Popular Time to Get Married
Say goodbye to summer weddings, there's a new favorite time of year for people to say "I do."
Is Summer Brain Drain Real?
How far can kids fall behind in school over their summer vacation? Danielle Knox is here with the truth about summer brain drain and other things you need to know!
Movie Critics Get Rotten Grade for Diversity
Pop Quiz: Which group is less diverse, the casts of Hollywood's biggest movies, or the people who review them?
Legal-Ade for Lemonade
"Life doesn't always give you lemons, but when it does, you should be able to make and share lemonade with the neighborhood without legal implications."
Top 30 Steal: Becoming Multilingual
Only a quarter of Americans know how to speak a second language, isn't it time you joined that exclusive club? Now you can, Top 30 viewers can get a special deal on the UTalk Language Education.