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Explore the most entertaining business news videos on Top30.
Top 30 Deals: A Better Smile
Studies suggest that 40% of people wish their oral care was more effective, that's why we're offering a special deal to Top 30 viewers on the Powersonic Toothbrush with UV Base by Jetwave. For this exclusive deal and more, visit top30deals.com.
The Happiest City in America
A new study looked at 28 factors of happiness to rank the 182 happiest cities in America, did yours make the list?
Flying With Your Pet
Despite a slew of negative headlines, it's still safe to take your pets on airplanes. Top 30 has some tips and tricks to make sure your animals have as good a flight as you do.
Bridge Collapse Raises Questions
As officials investigate the collapse of a 950 Ton bridge in Miami, many are reminded about how life can change in the blink of an eye.
Surveillance and Real Estate
Next time you step into an open house, be aware, somebody may be watching.
Nausea, Makeup and Pizza: Need to Know with Danielle Knox
Which everyday item will make your dog sick? What motivates people more than cash? These questions and more will be answered in this week's Need to Know with Fox 35's Danielle Knox.
Using Amazon Prime to the Fullest: A Save Me Steve Report
This week, Fox 4's Save Me Steve reveals some of the ways that Amazon shoppers are not taking full advantage of their Prime memberships.
Rate A Species: Online Reviews for Animals
Between sites like Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Rate my Professors and Amazon, you already review everything under the sun, so why not add animals to that list? #RateASpecies
Uncovering Fake Instagram Accounts
As online detective agencies scour social media for bots and fake accounts, Top 30 has some things to look out for if you think you're looking at a fake Instagram profiles.
Americans Overpaying for Prescription Drugs
A new study out of USC suggests many people are overpaying for prescription drugs... Top 30 has the one question you should always ask to keep the cost down.
Snuggies Wrapped Up in Lawsuit
In its first year on the market, more than 20 million Snuggies were sold! A decade later, the FTC is demanding many Snuggie owners get their money back. Top 30 tells you why, and if you can collect.
Spring Break to See Record Travel
If you're planning to travel somewhere on Spring Break this year, get ready for some delays!
Bringing Down the Cost of Cell Phone Repair
Don't you hate it when a certain part of your cell phone breaks and it costs and arm and a leg to fix it? Well, a new proposal may bring that cost down, Top 30 will show you how.
Incredible Teen Works to End Homelessness
On any given night, there are more than 554,000 homeless Americans sleeping on the street... now one San Diego teen is doing his part to help bring that number down.
Dog Dies in Airplane Overhead Compartment
United airlines has responded after a passenger's dog died from being placed in the overhead compartment by a flight attendant. Who is at fault in this tragic Top 30 story?