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3 Ways To Secure Your Retirement Money
A new report by “E Trade Financial” found that nearly 60% of investors ages 18-34 have spent most of their money from their retirement accounts on medical emergencies and education. Financial experts have shared three ways to secure your retirement money.
Social Media Can Get You Hired… Or Fired!
We’ve seen celebrities lose their careers over negative tweets, but that does not only happen to big stars… it can happen to anyone! Studies show that 34% of companies have fired employees for their behavior online. Kristin Smith explains what are the top
There’s A Yelp For Neighborhoods
Real Estate site ‘Trulia’ has launched a feature called ‘Neighborhoods’ so potential homebuyers can see photos from locals and have a feel for what the area is like. How will this feature impact the real estate industry?
Climbing Up The Career Ladder Post-Demotion
A survey revealed that 14% of workers have at one point been demoted. What are the main reasons for this move? How can you get yourself back up? Kristin Smith has the full report.
Repair Your Credit Score After Defaulting On Your Student Loan
More than 1 million Americans default on student loans every year, with 22% going into default within 4 years of leaving school! Borrowers’ credit score then drop into the “very poor” category with a bunch of added interest and fees. Kristin Smith shares
August Bargains You Need To Get Right Now
According to market analysts, August is the best month of the year to find big discounts on laptops, tablets, printers, and headphones. But, don’t just buy any back-to-school electronics, Kristin Smith shares advice on what to look out for when making you
What You’ll Find At Chicago’s Pizza Museum
There’s a pop-up museum in Chicago that features various items related to pizza! The founder says he wants people to remember the good times they’ve had eating the popular food. Would you attend? It’s free!
The New McDonald's Looks Like An Apple Store
The new revamped McDonald’s in Chicago looks a lot like an Apple Store! It features a bright space and electronic kiosks. It’s being considered the “experience of the future.” McDonald’s plans to modernize all its locations by 2020. Are you loving it?
Is Facebook Asking Your Bank For Financial Data?
Facebook is reportedly approaching several banks about turning over financial information like card transactions and account balances… is your bank one of them? Facebook wants to add a banking feature to its Messenger app so users can check their balance,
Protect Yourself From Catering Contracts
Over 100 people got food poisoning at a recent wedding, sending about 22 people to the hospital. The newlyweds sued the catering company which is now refusing to take responsibility. What is the best way to protect yourself when hosting big events? Attorn
A Homeless Man's Unique Sign Helped Turn His Life Around!
Instead of asking for money, a homeless man stood on the street with a sign that said "Homeless- Hungry for success- Take a resume." A woman who was passing by tweeted a photo of him and his resume leading him to land multiple job interviews!
License Plates Are Going Digital!
The features of the new digital license plates may save you time and even money! But, why are privacy groups concerned?
Attorney Mari Henderson's Tips To Prevent Home Repair Fraud
Attorney and legal analyst Mari Henderson shares her advice for homeowners who have been victims of home repair frauds! What should you look at when signing a contract? What are the rights of a homeowner? Watch the video to find out!
The Top 10 On The Instagram Rich List
Instagram is the place where many people go to share pictures and videos with friends and family. But some celebrities are posting pics and cashing in! Hopper H-Q has revealed how much celebs get paid for their sponsored posts... Here are the top 10!
Burberry Sets Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Clothes On Fire!
Find out why luxury brand Burberry burned more than $35 million worth of unsold clothes!