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Explore the most entertaining business news videos on Top30.
Top 30: The NFL'S Most Valuable Team
#Top30: The average NFL team is worth roughly $2.5 Billion, but one team rises above the rest with a valuation of a cool $4.8 Billion. Which team do you think it is?
Top 30: The End of the Auto-Playing Video?
#Top30: Did you click on this video, or did it auto-play in your feed? A new version of Google Chrome will block videos from starting on their own, or at least some of them.
Top 30: The Greatest Living Business Minds
#Top30: From Warren Buffett to Bono, Sheryl Sandberg to Russell Simmons, Forbes has released their list of the 100 greatest living business minds. Did your favorite make the cut?
Top 30: New App Maps Crime
#Top30: A new app, Citizen, maps crimes and allows users to upload photos of the scene. While some see it as an effective tool for crime prevention, others think it could lead to vigilante justice. Which side are you on?
Top 30: Schools Want to do away with Grades
#Top30: Claiming the system is outdated, and that it emphasizes studying for the test rather than mastery of the topic, a number of Bay Area schools are working to move away from the A-to-F grading system.
Top 30: Webster's Dictionary Gets Update
#Top30: "Hangry," "Dabbing," "Pregame" and "Dad Bod" are just four of the 250 new words and phrases that have been added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary​.
Top 30: The Best Cities to Live in America
#Top30: Looking for an affordable city with low crime and plenty of things to do? MONEY​ has released their list of the “Best 100 Cities to Live” in America.
Top 30: Teens Don't Act Their Age
#Top30: They say 50 is the new 40, but according to a decades-long study, 18 may be the new 15, as today's teens are starting to drink, work, party and embrace adulthood at a much later age than previous generations.
Top 30: Is Rotten Tomatoes to Blame?
#Top30: The 2017 Summer Box Office was one of the worst in history, down some 15% from the 2016 season. What's to blame? Ticket prices? Bad Movies? Game of Thrones​? Well, many in Hollywood are blaming the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes​ for putting
Top 30: Bluetooth Leaves Phones Vulnerable
#Top30: Known as “Blue Borne” attacks, hackers can remotely access a phone’s private data and take control of the camera when the bluetooth is left on. Have you left yourself vulnerable?
Top 30: Wunderkind Takes Fashion Week
#Top30: Kheris Rogers is the youngest designer to ever show a line in New York Fashion Week. Kristin Smith talks with the fashion wunderkind about the experience, her famous fans and her inspirational story.
Top 30: Google Ads Traffic in Hate Speech
#Top30: As websites crack down on hate speech and fake news, a new report shows Google allowed advertisers to create ads that targeted audiences who use that very same hateful rhetoric.
Top 30: Ex-Chargers Fan Buys Billboard
#Top30: Jilted by the fact the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, a former fan purchased a billboard to let the team know how he felt.
Top 30: Flippy Will Take Your Order Now
#Top30: Have you ever gone through a fast food drive-thru and wondered who it is making your food? Pretty soon, the answer may be robots. @Top30 has the story of a California burger chain that is replacing its cooks with robots named Flippy.
Top 30: The Return of the J.J.
#Top30: It's been a bumpy few months for directors at Lucasfilm​, with Lord and Miller being removed from the Han Solo spinoff and Colin Trevorrow being taken off Episode IX, but does the announcement that J. J. Abrams​ is back in the director's chair mea