Talking To Strangers Can Make You Happier


Beware of Kitchen Sponges


Job Interview Question Courts Controversy

Girl Accused Of Pushing Friend Off A Bridge Pleads Not Guilty
Taylor Smith, the girl who accused of pushing a friend off a bridge has pleaded not guilty. Could her young age excuse her actions? Did she really have malicious intent? Legal analyst AnneElise Goetz gives her opinion.
'Law & Crime' Host Jesse Weber Explains Elizabeth Smart Captor Early Release
In 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Utah home. Despite being sentenced to 15 years in 2010, kidnapper Wanda Eileen Barzee is now set to walk free next week. Jesse Weber, host of 'Law & Crime' Network, explains why she can no longer
Treating Pain Through Virtual Reality By Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
More than 2,500 people have received therapeutic virtual reality at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. What are the benefits? Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz explains why it’s so successful and how it can be applied to child birth.
It's Proven! Cell Phones Can Ruin Your Marriage
Research has shown that using your phone for work purposes during family time can cause your some problems with your partner! Having a little faith can help your social life and some people are seating pumpkin spice latte! Danielle Knox has all you need t
California's Monterey Jazz Festival Is A Must-See
The world's longest running jazz festival is taking the stage! The Monterey Jazz Festival will entertain crowds at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in California.The event promises a weekend to remember with 500 artists performing over 120 shows on 8 stage
Cleaning Hacks To Keep It All Tidy!
Here’s a quick and easy way to dust a light bulb! Wash your face with this natural face wash that you can make at home and another way to use a dryer sheet! Andrea Robinson from FOX 10 Phoenix has this week’s life hacks!
Cardi B Parties With The Kardashians
Cardi B posted a picture of her, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner having a party night at the Kardashian mansion. Also, Britney Spears had a little amnesia during her performance and Ludacris brought a woman to tears! Headkrack from Dish Nation has the late
A Homeless Man's Unique Sign Helped Turn His Life Around!
Instead of asking for money, a homeless man stood on the street with a sign that said "Homeless- Hungry for success- Take a resume." A woman who was passing by tweeted a photo of him and his resume leading him to land multiple job interviews!
Everybody Is Calling This Mexico Plane Crash A Miracle
A plane carrying 103 people crashed in Mexico and everyone survived. Officials say about 49 were hospitalized, including some Americans.
3 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating
Kristin Smith and psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig discuss the story of the man who sued his wife's lover for ruining his marriage... and won! Dr. Robi says infidelity is very common in a relationship, but she also provides 3 key signs that may indicate he
The Best Ways To Extend Your Life
A new Harvard study says that while genes affect personality traits and interests, they do not affect longevity. However, Danielle Knox from FOX 35 Orlando reveals a few ways to extend your life. Plus, online retailers are getting rich off drunk Americans
An Easy Way To Enjoy Running
Running is the least favorite exercise for many people, but Cody Gough, the host of Curiosity Podcast has a simple trick to help you feel better about doing cardio and even have fun with it.
WATCH: Fans Go Wild Over Travis Scott’s Giant Gold Head Inflatable
Rapper Travis Scott just released his new album ‘Astroworld’ and he’s promoting with a giant Travis Scott head inflatable… fans are even making lines to snap some pictures! Coco Dominguez from FOX 26 Houston tells us more!
This Bad Parent Behavior Can Put Your Child’s Life In Danger
A study found that kids tend to mimic their parents’ bad behavior… and if they’re caught speeding, taking selfies, or driving under the influence, it’s very likely that their parents do the same.
What Is The Best Day To Go Grocery Shopping?
‘Reader’s Digest’ has revealed the best day to go grocery shopping! Apparently, on this day you’ll find fresh produce, fully-stocked shelves, and the best deals!
Legal Ways To Avoid Jury Duty
About 7% of Americans admitted that they have lied to avoid jury duty. You should be aware that lying is a felony… But if you must get out it, Kristin Smith has a few ways to legally prevent serving!
Prince Harry’s Old Audi Is Up For Sale
Prince Harry’s used Audi is reportedly now on sale by a dealer in the UK. It includes several features and can run up to 174 miles per hour. The real question here is… is Prince Harry switching it out for a bigger family car?
New App Connects ‘Grieving’ Strangers Together
There’s a new app that connects people who have lost their loved ones and are dealing with grief… And new research explains the main cause of poor concentration. Danielle Knox from FOX 35 Orlando has all you need to know!
3 Kitchen Hacks That Make Cooking Easier
Andrea Robinson from FOX 10 Phoenix brings you this week’s life hacks! Did you run out of honey? Here’s a simple way to make it! Did you oversalt a dish? You can completely fix it! She even shows how to keep the bugs away when you’re enjoying a drink outs
Popstar! Magazine Takes Us On A Dubai City Tour
Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the man-made sites that have put Dubai on the map include the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, massive shopping malls and even an indoor snow park! Despite its grow
Ohio State's Urban Meyer Benched & Under Investigation
One of the country's most successful college football coaches, Urban Meyer, was placed on administrative leave and questions swirl about his future with the team. Was he protecting coach Zach Smith's alleged abuse?
Why Boredom Is Good For Your Child
During summer vacation, parents tend to over plan their kids' days in order to keep them entertained. But, Steve Noviello from FOX 4 Dallas explains why letting your kids be bored is better for them and how you can inspire them to do productive things.