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Beware of Kitchen Sponges


Job Interview Question Courts Controversy

Girl Accused Of Pushing Friend Off A Bridge Pleads Not Guilty
Taylor Smith, the girl who accused of pushing a friend off a bridge has pleaded not guilty. Could her young age excuse her actions? Did she really have malicious intent? Legal analyst AnneElise Goetz gives her opinion.
'Law & Crime' Host Jesse Weber Explains Elizabeth Smart Captor Early Release
In 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Utah home. Despite being sentenced to 15 years in 2010, kidnapper Wanda Eileen Barzee is now set to walk free next week. Jesse Weber, host of 'Law & Crime' Network, explains why she can no longer
Treating Pain Through Virtual Reality By Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
More than 2,500 people have received therapeutic virtual reality at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. What are the benefits? Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz explains why it’s so successful and how it can be applied to child birth.
It's Proven! Cell Phones Can Ruin Your Marriage
Research has shown that using your phone for work purposes during family time can cause your some problems with your partner! Having a little faith can help your social life and some people are seating pumpkin spice latte! Danielle Knox has all you need t
California's Monterey Jazz Festival Is A Must-See
The world's longest running jazz festival is taking the stage! The Monterey Jazz Festival will entertain crowds at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in California.The event promises a weekend to remember with 500 artists performing over 120 shows on 8 stage
Cleaning Hacks To Keep It All Tidy!
Here’s a quick and easy way to dust a light bulb! Wash your face with this natural face wash that you can make at home and another way to use a dryer sheet! Andrea Robinson from FOX 10 Phoenix has this week’s life hacks!
The Appropriate Way To Eat 'Dragon’s Breath' Cereal
The Dragon’s Breath cereal has been getting more popular with kids and teens. But, eating it incorrectly can lead to burns and potential damage to internal organs. Kristin Smith gives tips on how to keep your kids safe.
How To Get Your Money Back At The End Of A Lease
Knowing your rights as a tenant can save you money and even get you your money back at the end of a lease! Attorney and legal analyst AnneElise Goetz tells us what to do before you move into a property and the legal actions you should take in case things
The Dangers Of Drinking Too Much Water
There are a lot of warnings about dehydration during the summer, but did you know overhydration is just as bad? Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz explains the dangers of drinking too much water and how we can maintain a balance.
Things To Do In Vegas With Your Kids!
Las Vegas is mainly known for lavish hotels, casinos and theme parks, but there are other incredible activities you can enjoy with your family, including the little ones. Elizabeth Stanton from Popstar! Magazine gives us the tour!
The New McDonald's Looks Like An Apple Store
The new revamped McDonald’s in Chicago looks a lot like an Apple Store! It features a bright space and electronic kiosks. It’s being considered the “experience of the future.” McDonald’s plans to modernize all its locations by 2020. Are you loving it?
Things You Must Do Before Filing For Divorce
Divorce is a hard process to go through, but attorney AnneElise Goetz is giving legal advice to help your process go as smooth as possible… Know your rights and protect yourself!
Beauty Hacks To Keep Your Face Clean & Blemish-Free
Skin experts Madison De Clercq and Leslie Kritzer from Skin Worship in Beverly Hills share tips on how to keep your face looking clean, fresh and free of blemishes. Find out about their own cleanser!
Is Facebook Asking Your Bank For Financial Data?
Facebook is reportedly approaching several banks about turning over financial information like card transactions and account balances… is your bank one of them? Facebook wants to add a banking feature to its Messenger app so users can check their balance,
Sneaky Ways To Get Kids To Learn
Editor in chief from Parents Magazine, Liz Vaccariello shares her top readers' hacks to get kids back into school mode... and tips for homework time!
Angelina Jolie Wants More Money, Another Pregnant Celeb & Amanda Bynes Makes A Comeback!
Brody Brown from US Weekly has the latest in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s child support battle, there’s a celeb baby on its way and Amanda Bynes is still all that!
Why Are More African-American Women Dying In Childbirth?
Beyonce and Serena Williams have both opened up about being close to dying while giving birth. Now, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz is here to explain why and what is being done about it.
Steve Jobs’ Daughter Details Their Troubled Relationship In New Memoir
In her new memoir called ‘Small Fry’, Lisa Brennen-Jobs reveals shocking details about her relationship with Steve Jobs and why there was never a reconciliation between the two.
Protect Yourself From Catering Contracts
Over 100 people got food poisoning at a recent wedding, sending about 22 people to the hospital. The newlyweds sued the catering company which is now refusing to take responsibility. What is the best way to protect yourself when hosting big events? Attorn
‘Lost’ Producers Apologize To Evangeline Lilly For Partially-Nude Scene
In a recent podcast interview, ‘Lost’ star Evangeline Lilly, known for her character Kate Austen, revealed that there were times she felt uncomfortable on set. She claimed she once felt pressured into doing a partially-nude scene and felt “mortified.” The
What To Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse
There have been at least 15 lawsuits against nursing homes for alleged elder abuse. Attorney and legal analyst AnneElise Goetz explains how you can protect loved ones and what to do if you suspect elder abuse in a facility.
There Were Secret Changes To Princess Diana's Will
According to the website ‘Cheat Sheet,’ Princess Diana’s will was changed against her wishes following her death in 1997. The executors of the will were her own mother and sister, but they have never spoken about why these changes were made.