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Beware of Kitchen Sponges


Job Interview Question Courts Controversy

The Worst Pick-up Lines
"Are you tired, because you've been running through my mind all day." What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?
Tanning the Right Way and More you Need to Know
In the hunt for that perfect summer tan, millennials may be abandoning everything they were taught about sun safety. Danielle Knox has this story and others you need to know.
Re-thinking the Mediterranean Diet
A diet of produce, nuts, olive oil and fish sounds like a healthy combination, but do doctors now have reason to doubt the Mediterranean diet?
The Tooth Fairy Pays Up: A Curiosity Report
How much is the tooth fairy paying up these day? Cody Gough of the Curiosity podcast reveals that it's probably more than you found underneath your pillow.
Women Switched at Birth 72 Years Ago
72-year-old Denise always thought it was strange that shew as the only blonde in her family.... then she learned the truth.
The UniverSOUL Circus Comes to Town
The UniverSOUL Circus is coming to town, and now Coco Dominguez is taking us under the big top.
Brotox: The Rise of Male Botox
How far are you willing to go for the perfect selfie?
Raw and Real Love w/ Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg
As young Americans wait longer to tie the knot, Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg explains why that's the smarter choice in the search for real love.
Beyond the Ruins: Popstar Magazine Travels to Greece
Looking for the perfect place to travel this summer? Elizabeth Stanton of Popstar Magazine takes Top 30 viewers beyond the ruins to the history-filled sites of Greece.
Top 30 Life Hacks with Andrea Robinson
Your frozen pizza not cooking? Have a dirty shower? Andrea Robinson of Fox 10 is here to help with this week's Top 30 Life Hacks.
Different Types of Baby Booms
Working Baby Boomers and Booming Baby Voices? Danielle Knox stops by Top 30 with the things you need to know.
Royal Watch: Private Time with The Queen
Just weeks after the Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle is getting some intimate one-on-one time with The Queen. Arthur Edwards of The Sun has more.
The Danger of Garden Hoses
It's not something you'd expect to hear, but as temperatures rise, fire officials are warning about the dangers of garden hoses. Top 30 will explain why.
Social Security is Running Out
Social Security and Medicare are running out, what effect will that have on you?
Lottery Scams on the Rise
Millions of dollars are stolen in lottery scams every year....so, are you still feeling lucky?
The Art of Procrasti-baking
When you have work to do, but you'd rather being doing anything else instead, why not bake? Vallery Lomas drops by Top 30 to talk about procrasti-baking.
Not All Sunscreens Created Equal
In an effort to protect ourselves from the hot summer sun, more doesn't always mean better. Dr Suzanne Gilberg-lenz stops by Top 30 to explain why not all sunscreens are created equal.
The Perfect Father's Day Gifts with Save me Steve
For anyone who thinks it's hard to shop for your dad this Father's Day, Steve Noviello is here with some incredible, and easy, ideas any dad would love.
Students Give Beloved Lunch Lady the Surprise of Her Life
For 26 years, Debra Davis has been everybody's favorite lunch lady... now her students are serving her a life-changing surprise that you don't want to miss!
The Marriage Effect: How You Change After Tying the Knot
Everybody changes when they get married, but are those changes for the better or for the worse?
Dating Tips for Those Summer Nights
As the nights get hotter this summer, Page Fehling of Fox 46 Charlotte has some tips to make sure that your love life does too.
A Nanny-Cam for the Elderly
In an effort to crack down on elderly abuse by caregivers, has one state state stepped all over privacy instead?