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Beware of Kitchen Sponges


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Girl Accused Of Pushing Friend Off A Bridge Pleads Not Guilty
Taylor Smith, the girl who accused of pushing a friend off a bridge has pleaded not guilty. Could her young age excuse her actions? Did she really have malicious intent? Legal analyst AnneElise Goetz gives her opinion.
'Law & Crime' Host Jesse Weber Explains Elizabeth Smart Captor Early Release
In 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Utah home. Despite being sentenced to 15 years in 2010, kidnapper Wanda Eileen Barzee is now set to walk free next week. Jesse Weber, host of 'Law & Crime' Network, explains why she can no longer
Treating Pain Through Virtual Reality By Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
More than 2,500 people have received therapeutic virtual reality at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. What are the benefits? Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz explains why it’s so successful and how it can be applied to child birth.
It's Proven! Cell Phones Can Ruin Your Marriage
Research has shown that using your phone for work purposes during family time can cause your some problems with your partner! Having a little faith can help your social life and some people are seating pumpkin spice latte! Danielle Knox has all you need t
California's Monterey Jazz Festival Is A Must-See
The world's longest running jazz festival is taking the stage! The Monterey Jazz Festival will entertain crowds at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in California.The event promises a weekend to remember with 500 artists performing over 120 shows on 8 stage
Cleaning Hacks To Keep It All Tidy!
Here’s a quick and easy way to dust a light bulb! Wash your face with this natural face wash that you can make at home and another way to use a dryer sheet! Andrea Robinson from FOX 10 Phoenix has this week’s life hacks!
Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe From The Heat
We're in the dog days of summer and it can be dangerous for your dog! Kristin Smith shares hot tips to keep your pets cool.
Would You Take Orders From A Robot?
These are a few benefits to having a robot as your boss!
The Most Beautiful Parts Of Bavaria, Germany
Elizabeth Stanton from Popstar! Magazine shows us what makes southern Germany the perfect vacation destination!
America's Cheese Problem Is Getting Out Of Hand!
There's an excess of cheese in the U.S. and while this is good news for cheese lovers, it may not be for the rest of the country.
Can Astronauts Survive A Journey To Mars?
NASA is coming up with a way to transport astronauts to Mars. Is it safe? Cody Gough from gives us the details!
Get Those Lashes Ready For Summer!
What type of lashes should you use this summer? Page Fehling from Fox 46‚Äč shares her top beauty tips!
America's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Is...
This restaurant scored the highest on the Customer Satisfaction Index. Do you agree?
Why You'll Be Paying More On Student Loans
Interest rates are rising. What will the impact be on borrowers?
What Is Driving Women Away From Motherhood?
Danielle Knox shares all you need to know about motherhood, women's fitness and the risks of poor sleep!
Beware Of This New Scam!
Here are a few things you should look out for when buying a gift card.
Top 30's Summer Life Hacks with Andrea Robinson
New uses for muffin tins and club soda, and how do you remove green hair caused by chlorine? Andrea Robinson is here to help with this week's Top 30 Life Hacks.
Can't Afford a Vacation? Take out a Loan
People take out loans all the time for homes, cars, and school... but a new reason for taking out credit is raising eyebrows.
Sleep Coaches: The Newest Exercise Trend
If you're looking for a more effective workout, maybe you should invest in a sleep coach.
Rustic Chic: Barnyard Weddings on the Rise
As the average cost of weddings has continued to rise, millennials have found a chic new way to say "I do."
Top 30 Health Roundup
Are E-Cig flavors dangerous? This story and others in today's Top 30 Health Roundup.
The Danger of Kitchen Towels and More you Need to Know
Which item in your kitchen should you throw out right now? Danielle Knox of Fox 35 has this story and more things you need to know.